MBW 710: Dinguses on the Screen

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Hello MacBreak Weekly Fans - as a recent Zoomer and TWiT Geek, I have been trying to improve my video conferencing with an external webcam. As Leo noted, the market scarcity for the recommended Logitech C920 has made them extremely expensive. Luckily there are apps for turning your iPhone into a webcam such epocCam. Unfortunately, Zoom’s recent updates seem to make it impossible to use epocCam with my iPhone 6s+ and MacBook Air running Catalina. The epocCam website notes the current incompatibilities with MacOS, Zoom, and Facetime. I hope a fix is coming since as Leo notes, the epocCam app would be ideal! Thanks - larry

Guys, the iPhone SE is a 4.7 inch screen!!! Several times this week you said Apple wouldn’t make a 4” display phone and Leo said they wouldn’t make a 4.7”

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xCode for iPAdOS (even a SWift only version) will be what BASIC was for the PC: A GAME CHANGER. Period.

And you CAN use a big Screen when you code on the iPad.
The current problem is the lack of a good IDE, so xCode will be highly appreciated.

It would never happened in a “good” way but just imagine a netbook dock where you can connect your A13 CPU to a $200 or $300 keyboard dock and you have access to that Bionic A13 and 3gb of ram. Something portable you could keep in a bag and pull out and just plug in your phone.

The hardware is there to have a good experience the problem is Apple will not allow the software to do this well, for they rather sell you a $999 macbook air. I do not know whether I trust it but Geekbench 5 says the Bionic A13 has a faster multicore results than the quad core intel i5 (remember this i5 is a Y series chip even though it is a quad core.) Of course the macbook air is running a real operating system and can do 8 or 16gb of ram but my point for portability it would be great to have something decent and cheap and the $400 iPhone SE has enough horsepower to do it, the problem is the form factor.

@Leo, it turns out that your alma mater Yale also scooped up $6.8M in loans from the government’s Coronavirus bailout program. Harvard has an endowment of ~$40B; Yale’s endowment is ~$30B. According to this article, all eight of the Ivy League schools participated in the bailout. For shame!


Seems that 2021 will see Macs with Apple CPUs.(Variant of th a14 Chip).

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