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Sorry, Alex, but Apple does do exactly that!

(He was referencing Sonos and saying that Sonos drops support on products that people are still using, then said that we shouldn’t dig too far into Apple, because they don’t do that.)

I bought an iMac 24" 1st generation Intel and it was dropped by Apple like a hot potato, and that wasn’t anywhere near as old as 1st generation Sonos kit, when it was dropped. It is one of the reasons I’m wary about the first generation M1 Macs. It looks great, as did the first Intel Macs, but it was a half-arsed implementation and Apple didn’t bother supporting it, once they got the Intel stuff working properly (the problem was, although they had a 64-bit processor, they only used a 32-bit UEFI and then decided, after a couple of years, that they would only support full 64-bit system (64-bit CPU and UEFI)).

That said, I finally dipped my toes back into Apple waters recently, replacing our old Fire Tablets with iPads.

We had the Addison Wesley manuals at work, when I started work in 1987.

That’s an excellent example of Apple pulling the plug. As a counterpoint, iOS 15 will be made available to phones going all the way back to 2015’s iPhone 6s. Similarly, iPad OS 15 will go stretch back to 2014’s iPad Air 2. MacOS 12 Monterey will be available for most Macs going back to 2015. That seems alright for Mac OS, and very good for iPhone and iPad. There are no Android devices from five or six years ago getting Android 12.

Yes, Apple can be good and bad.

It is the blind adoration statement’s like Alex’s that get my goat. Sonos is bad, Apple never abandons its customers with older kit.

Sorry, Apple is just a company trying to make money, like any other. If it is expedient to drop a product from support, they will drop that product from support, just like any other.

It was friends like that that persuaded me to buy the iMac in the first place, “oh, Apple support the computers much longer than other companies.” In the end, Microsoft kept security patches for the BootCamp side of the iMac for around 6 years after Apple had given up on it.

I like a lot of Apple kit, but it is expensive and after the iMac experience, it burned me for a long time on getting another Apple product. As I said, I’m dipping my toes back into Apple waters with a pair of iPads at the moment. I’m not anti-Apple, but I am anti-BS.


Did Alex really say that? I posted elsewhere on this site my disappointment at the announcement that macOS Monterey will not run on my late 2014 27" Retina iMac. It’s 6 years old, purchased new in early 2015, and Apple is now telling me it’s obsolete? Yes, I can continue to run Big Sur for a few more years but frankly Big Sur is one of the few releases of macOS that I look forward to getting rid of, it’s buggy.

Can I expect my iPhone 6S to be made obsolete soon too, it’s the same vintage?

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Yes, he really said that, which is what made me so angry.

Yes, I am far from pleased with Apple on this. I know I will be able to afford the Apple Silicon desktop replacement for the 27" model whenever it’s announced but I would rather not have been forced into it.

6S is supported on iOS 15. Do you have another phone that old that still gets updates?

Thanks, good to know. I was actually being sarcastic but it’s nice to know I can keep the phone up to date for some time to come.