MBW 681: All Curds, No Way

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One of my favorite things about MBW… Andy Ihnatko! :smiley: We love you and your sideburns, Andy!


@Leo Just pointing out that it should be “All Curds, No Whey” https://grammarist.com/phrase/curds-and-whey/ Unless you were making some pun on “no way, man!” ?


Yep. It was a pun. But maybe a bad one!


I had to sign up and comment after Lori mentioned some people had battery life issues with the Series 5 Apple Watch.

I returned my Series 5 with LTE after less than a day of ownership due to the battery drain. I knew something was wrong when I had to charge it three times in less than 24 hours, and I wasn’t confident that Apple would find and fix the issue within the return window.

I had enabled airplane mode, disabled background app refresh, disabled handoff, disabled the always on display–and it was still managing to drain ~12% battery per hour sitting idle. I sure hope it gets sorted out because my OG Series 0 was a big step backwards after enjoying the Series 5, if even for a day. (But at least it’s four year old battery lasted a day!)

Thanks for the forum, it should be a great addition to the network.

Hi all,
I have the iPad Pro 12.9” gen 2. I love it. I have all the photo editing apps. Lumafusion and Video Grade for video editing. Also, i use Umake and Shapr3D for 3D printing and design. This is great very powerful apps.
LEO; Can you talk more about the upcoming iPad Pro gen 4. What’s going to be in it, when is it rumored to come out, etc. you talk much more about the Mac Pro and Macbook Pro but not much about the iPad Pro. I am going to get the new one when it comes out. I heard on one of the TWIT shows that the iPad Pro might have…
A13x cpu
And the iphone 11 pro cameras.
Is this what your sources think?
For me that would be great. I am also getting the Google Pxel 4XL when it comes out. I have the Pixel 2Xl and love the camera.

sometimes in the chatroom.

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It seems that the Series 5 Apple Watch battery issues are highly individualistic. I have a Series 5 LTE and have found almost exactly the same battery usage as my old Series 3 LTE. This includes a daily workout and plenty of time away from my phone during the day. So far I have been very happy to have the always on screen and still get the same all day battery life.

Thanks to Rene for great app pic NeuralCam. Great for night photography on my old iPhone X. :+1:t3:

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My first few days with watch 5 had more battery use than I had experienced with my 4. Both LTE. However I also told my phone to install all the apps. The last week has shown the same battery as the 4- I put it in at 6 am today and now at 2:16 it’s at 85 percent. Has been about 30-35 percent at bedtime.

I can’t believe no one discussed the “automation” added to shortcuts. How can they call it automation if what it actually does is send a notification asking if the shortcut should be run?

Why not get the Series 5 without LTE then? Or get a Series 4. It was GREAT going from a 0g to a 4g  watch!

I was happy with my iPhone XS Max which I purchased in August needing a new phone and assumed newest phone was a minor update. Rene showed the neuralcam app that makes my phone pretty close to the quality of the 11 so how many others are happy with the current phone photos and which device you prefer currently

  • iPhone 11/pro
  • iPhone XS/max with neuralcam
  • Android phone

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Best laugh of the show; Leo’s reaction to Lory’s comment about carrying full size camera on his upcoming trip.

In IOS 467: The Automation Episode, around 47:15, it was revealed that there is a “show when run” toggle you need to switch off in the shortcut so that it will do it without prompting you.