HOT 57: Apple Watch Series 5 Review

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Good presentation. I like the more serious Mikah. As far as the watch, I guess I’m an outlier. I just don’t make checklists like this where I apply weighting to version graphed against cost. The Apple Watch 4 was my first Apple Watch. I had and really liked the Samsung S3 Frontier but the Apple Watch 4 with LTE became my favorite gadget. If I could only have my ipad, Apple phone or iMac or the watch, I would choose the watch. So I upgraded to the 5 immediately just because I wanted a different case material from my 4. One thing to mention on battery life, I learned with the beta versions on the 4, these devices are VERY dependent on software version. In Watch 4 there was a beta where my watch was dying in hours. They fixed it with a new release 2 days later and eventually the 4 receive much longer life compared to when I first bought it a year earlier. I’m running the beta on my watch 5 now and the battery life, for me, is at least 10% better than my 4 was when I sold it a few we weeks ago. I love this Watch and just like to have the latest and greatest. There’s no shame in running any version of the watch. I have friends that literally have no real world limit on what they can buy and they are still on version Zero. As far as the dimming is useful for me. I generally keep my rooms dark. The dim view is very dependent on the watch face in use. Sorry to be so wordy but this as I said is my favorite Apple gadget.

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I really enjoyed the review and especially how @mikahsargent called out in a very defined way the advantages (or not) of upgrading.

I enjoy my watch. I have a watch 5 and I find that I like the always on screen not really so I can look at the display but because having a display on I think makes the watch more attractive and less like a bitty dark brick on my wrist.


Well reasoned points — thank you!

Agreed about it being more attractive with the display always on. I like that it doesn’t look like some sort of large pebble stuck to my wrist.

Yes it’s true. For the 4, I had a dark gray aluminum and usually dark bands but I always was conscious of the dark black square. With the always on the watch takes on a bit of visual display that I felt it did t have in the past. I have a gold stainless this round and use the dark info graph face.

A few other points…

  1. (5) S5 with 64-bit dual-core processor and (4) S4 with 64-bit dual-core processor
    I have noticed a difference in apps loading
  2. (5) 32GB (4) 16GB
    I dont put media on the watch but it likely offers more “head room” in the future
  3. And lastly it seemed that when I sold my 4 on the WWW I got more that have gotten for “old” used models ($215). And when the 6-7-8 comes out that number will go down as we all know.

Just my 2 cents worth

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