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Hi all,
On next weeks show can you talk about the A12Z Bionic chip in the 2020 iPad Pro vs the A13 in the iPhone SE and roomers an A14 chip suppose to be in the upcoming iPhone 12. It looks like Apple could have put the A13 chip into the iPad Pro. The iPhone SE came out only about a month or less after the Announcement of the iPad Pro.
Also has anyone on the panel experienced app not working correctly in one way or another on the 2020 iPad Pro. One example is Pixelmator this app just crashes on my new iPad. I have had other issues with other apps such as Entering text in an input field does not work. If I reboot my iPad the app works and other similar small issues. Also running the app Shapr3D I only get about 7.5 hours of battery life and my iPad runs hot. The app also has crashed twice.

Hi, I would love to know if anyone on the panel is experiencing high that expected battery drain on the new 2020 iPad Pro. Manly,
I am usI got the apps, Shapr3D, streaming video to an Apple TV, and surfing the web/email. It seems like I am getting only about 7.5 hours of battery life. I also have the new mouse pointer enabled. What are your thoughts?

Might want to change the description of the show. It still references Rene Ritchie and Lory Gil. Just sayin’.