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This week’s edition of Macbreak Weekly went a bit over the top. Andy called those of us who think that we have sheltered at home long enough ‘Idiots’. I’m not sure what this has to do with Apple news but I don’t appreciate it. If you would like to have a political debate I can go into some detail about the case for getting back to work. However, I don’t think that is where you want to take your show. I no longer listen to TWIT because it became a political show. Am I going to have to abandon Macbreak also?

Of course it’s your show, you can cover what you want, but I will not stick around a program that insults me.


Imagine that someone put land mines hidden all over your town. A mine sweeper is not currently available. Do you whine about being unable to enjoy your town, or do you wait for the right technology to come along and reduce the danger? It sounds like you’d start a parade and ask your neighbours to follow you as you become the ones to go out and “find” mines and get blown up because you’re not willing to believe the mines are actually dangerous. Perhaps your neighbours aren’t willing to be astroturfed…


And the USA had not really been very long in lockdown. We’ve been in lockdown for a few weeks longer and we are looking at at least another month, with some business slowly opening up over the next few weeks.


As I watched the briefing during the part about looking into potential of using UV and disinfectants on or in patients, I thought man will the fake news folks have a heyday and deliberately misconstrue. On the other hand, the idea of delivering some kind of medical grade disinfectant through a rescue inhaler or through a ventilator might be a viable option. Obviously not Lysol or Bleach, you didn’t hear Trump say that. He was simply suggesting the concept of using UV and/or disinfectant.


Let’s leave science to scientists and not speculate using something that doesn’t exist, now shall we.


Putting a seed of an idea into some people’s minds is enough for them to try it. I don’t expect that from the leader of a nation.


Guess I wouldn’t be so naive to say something doesn’t exist.

Now imagine if I called y’all idiots for your opinions. I think that is what the original poster is referring to. People are going to have different opinions on things but don’t insult people who have a different opinion than you.

Some people out here that are fighting for businesses to be able to reopen is sometimes small business owners that are getting ready to lose everything. We all need to make sure we are keeping in mind each persons situations before we attack them.

FYI I think it was more a “figure of speech” thing than anything. I don’t think Andy was trying to insult someone to the point of making them mad or upset. I think there is a case to be made from both sides and both sides can make compelling arguments on what to believe or not.


That is why our government has set aside 1.5 trillion Euros for small and medium businesses (for the USA, that would be an equivalent fund of 7,5 trillion Dollars, going by the population size), to help get them through the months of shutdown. Some businesses are being allowed to open up starting next week (clothes stores, hardware stores), but others won’t be able to open up for at least another month (electronics stores, for example and stores with over 800M²). Restaurants and bars are looking at July or August, before they will be allowed to re-open - if the slow re-opening doesn’t cause a new wave of infections.

But the general plan is, to support small businesses, for example, by paying their employees for them and providing covering other costs. They want to keep the businesses going, as much as possible, because it is pointless giving the individuals money during the crisis, if the businesses where they used to work go bust over the months of shutdown and they are all unemployed when this thing is over in mid-2021 or early 2022.

I think one of the biggest differences, and one of the biggest problems for the USA, is the leaders.

Here, our Chancellor is a scientist and she knows she doesn’t know enough about virology and she knows enough about people, that she doesn’t spout out complete nonsense. She sticks to the facts about what is required to slowly re-open the country and how best to protect the population.

She leaves briefings about vaccines and “miracle” cures to the scientific advisor. Who is the head of the equivalent of Johns Hopkins. Likewise the news stations have their virologists and epidemiologists on hand to discuss the current situation and how the research into cures is going and how long that will realistically take (at least 1 year, possibly 2).

The US President spouts out complete nonsense, then backtracks, then backtracks again and that is just judging his Twitter account and his press conferences. He doesn’t understand viruses, but every time the next snake oil salesman passes his door, that is the next best straw to cling to and he preaches it in his next press conference. He ignores his medical advisors, for the most part, and he hasn’t even chosen virologists or epidemiologists as his top advisors for this crisis.

The US news isn’t any better, they aren’t, from what I’ve seen, talking to experts, they are talking to doctors in totally unrelated fields - E.g. orthopedic surgeons. It is like having new malware on an iPhone and asking a COBOL programmer how best to deal with it!

Then there is the inter-party wrangling. All the main parties here have pulled together and have stopped sniping at one another and are pulling together to do what is best for the country in the crisis. The CDU (Merkel’s party) has postponed the election of a new leader for the elections next year, because it isn’t as important as saving the country. Likewise the coalition partners are working together.

The opposition parties are also not fighting against the plan. When a decision is made, they will say that, while they don’t agree with it totally, they do support it. They provide a unified front.

In the USA, the President is still taking pot-shots at the Democrats with complete made-up rubbish and they, in turn are firing back, looking like idiots, trying to debunk the crap coming out of the Whitehouse and adding their own to the mix. It is as if a bunch of pre-school children are running the country! There is no central plan, there is no looking to see what is best for the population, it is just what political hay can we make out of this mess to bolster our support and make the other side look like idiots. None of them seem to really care about the “little people”. It is little wonder that confusion reigns and people who have listened to the President spout complete, unsupported rubbish, think that the crisis is over and are taking to the streets.

Here, some people are tired of the lockdown and they were out enjoying the sun together on Friday, with much incredulity from the majority. But it is small groups and the news didn’t play it up into a big thing. In general, people are wearing there masks and keeping trips to stores etc. to a minimum.

People are worried about their jobs, small business owners are worried about their businesses. But they, in general, are more worried about losing loved ones or being a victim themselves. They are doing everything they can to stay sane. They make balcony concerts, they go out for exercise, they have balcony fitness programmes - one senior residence had an instructor turn up outside with a stereo, he played music and ran an aerobics programme and the residents came out onto their balconies to join in, where they could.

Friday’s for Future had a major protest in front of the Parliament building in Berlin yesterday. Over night a small group of protestors laid out thousands of placards on the ground in the park, in front of the building, but nobody came, instead they did an online protest with everybody staying at home.

That is how you do a sensible protest at the moment, you don’t go out in groups, putting people at risk!

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I don’t think it is Political at all. I see the situation as under-privileged folks can’t have everything they need to survive delivered to their home like privileged folks. If everybody shelters in place, then who is going to deliver the packages of goodies to your home. I see that most people have to go out and provide for their families, because they are not privileged enough to sit at home and Wine-Bitch and Belly ache about what other people have to do to survive.

I apologize ahead of time if I offended anyone’s sense of Humanity. I do go out and pick things up for other people that can’t do it for their self. Because they can not afford Amazon Prime like some other folks can. I’ll put my life in danger to help an under privileged person, before a privileged one.


There isn’t enough money to be had to pay everyone that is in trouble. The first batch of money they put aside for small businesses is gone. They had to pass a bill with more money this week. And, this is money we don’t even have. Plus, there are large sections of the US that are untouched by corona virus (The US is much bigger than European countries with a lot more people). Now, as more testing and information comes about, the death rate of this thing is like the flu, or even less. Now, does that mean I want it - no, I do not.

If the midwest had thousands of people infected and dying, would the mayor of NYC shut their city down 100%? No he would not. I think we have more information now than we did when this first started. I also think unaffected areas (or places with low, low levels) should be able to reopen.

Now, I, myself, think it is a good idea to stay home for many. I personally do not want to go back to business as usual at my job, and I have no plans to start wondering thru stores anytime soon. But people are going broke and losing their whole financial livelihood. And yet, many parts of rural America are untouched. There is not enough money in the country to make everyone whole again financially.

Plus, there are some crazy things going on. In Michigan - you can go to the grocery store or a few other stores. But paint and certain products IN THE SAME store have been roped off and cannot be sold. And, it is legal to have an abortion still, but other medical procedures are banned in Michigan. Like that is not a political decision and agenda…

As for the war with the president and the media. They have made up stories with “unnamed sources” for over 3 years. They have been caught in their lies. The whole democrat party, in concert with their media, have tried to overthrow the president since before he was elected. And, when you see how over 97% of the stories about him are negative, it is ridiculous. With Obama, they did no investigation when they should have. Everything he did was wonderful. If he inadvertently said something crazy, they glossed over it. They did not do their job at all.

If you were Trump, you’d be sick of it too, and would not put up with it any longer.

Never in my life would I have thought I would see reporters actually arguing with the president during press briefings. You can see the agenda right there. And, a lot of the concepts and ideas people have about Trump are made up by the media - they have shown partial sentences out of context and pushed ideas so strongly that now so many people think some of them are true.

Now, the disinfectant comment was dumb. Trump has apparently since clarified it. But, had Biden (who says stuff far worse) said this, it would NOT have been reported on by the mainstream media, as they ignore everything else Biden says that is nuts all the time (the man is not competent and should not even be running for president - he has no idea what he is saying or doing sometimes -but you will never know that from the mainstream media).

Anyway, I broke my personal rule about getting into politics on this site. It is a never ending discussion, no one ever changes their minds, it can go on for pages, and many people usually get nasty. So, I try to avoid getting into this on any forum.

Anyway, that is all I will say on the matter…


Well said Shipwreck. Well said. :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Here is some funny for you guys.

Here’s more.

I honestly would not think anyone would actually inject themselves with cleaner but then I remember a couple years ago there was people eating Tide Pods soooooo…


It isn’t just the underprivileged that have to still go to work. I’d hardly call doctors, policemen, firefighters or nurses under privileged, at least not in this country, but they have to go to work every day. (A couple of our local fire brigades voluntarily put themselves in quarantine in February, when this first came up, so that their members would be fit to deal with emergencies.)

Likewise, I’m not underprivileged, I am a reasonably well paid IT administrator, but I have to go to work every day to ensure that the IT infrastructure is working for those that can work at home and for the production staff working in the chemical plant. Half of our IT team is working from home, the other half in the office. (And a good job too, with overloaded ISP trunks and a sick SAN, which is waiting for a replacement to turn up - it was ordered in January, before this all kicked off, but still hasn’t been delivered.)

That also isn’t so much of an issue here, most people still have to go shopping. There are very few delivery services for food or pharmacy goods. Some local taxi companies have started taking orders from the elderly or at risk and delivering to their homes for them.

My wife works in day care and she has had to ride the 25KM to work every day on her bike. She used to order food for the kitchen where she works from Rewe (national supermarket chain), but she now has to order 2 - 3 weeks in advance, to get a delivery slot.

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I will say that I do not understand why my post above was flagged. Apparently someone here doesn’t like a differing viewpoint. I said nothing obscene, inappropriate or abusive. I also did not start this topic or derail an existing topic. Do we all have to tow the same line here? Really?

See, it proves my point to stay away from politics on forums because 1 side doesn’t allow a different view.


I totally agree with you Mistershipwreck.
When I moderated an old global forum back in the early 2000’s Politics broke it to bits. My last post was meant to be about Social Class devide, there are no politics involved, just how much money value you are worth. I just don’t like to see people suffer because they are not upper middle class. Poor people will suffer the most in world, just to try to survive.


My wife works in day care as well. In our state, the governor ordered day care centers closed a week after he ordered schools closed. This past week, he extended the school closures through the end of the school year, and day care centers closed until the end of June. She’s been collecting unemployment since late March. Her center was lucky enough to get a PPP loan, so as of this past week, she’s back on payroll.

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If you have been listening to several of the shows on Twit, they, in most part, inject some political views into them. You have to look at the content as a whole and ask yourself if you are enjoying it. This week in Google is more about politics and social situations than Google. Even Stacey comments from time to time, “are we going to talk about Google?”. I don’t agree with everything that is said but I do enjoy the conversation that takes place on most of the shows.

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My understanding is that both disinfectants and UV light work against the virus because they are essentially sledgehammers, they destroy or damage all living organisms, including us when used at an intensity that would affect the virus. If you reduce their potency to a level that doesn’t harm us, then they don’t harm the virus. I think a lot of people haven’t understood how brutal those solutions have to be to work.

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