MBW 755: Put the Fun in Fungible

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I’m sorry. But Florida’s “openness” is the reason I have no intention on visiting that state until more people are vaccinated. I’ve added Texas and Mississippi to that list.

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You are in the minority.

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I’ve deleted your post because it’s a duplicate of your post here:

My apologies, sorry about that.

Hi folks, great show as well. Have been a Twit network listener for many many years but this is my first post.
I heard Andy’s recommendation for Workflowy and checked it out. It is a great app.
Have you come across Roam from Roam research. It builds upon Second Brain concept and encourages you to take notes normally but mark key terms which would act as a network and thus allowing you to explore and find hidden relationships.
I highly recommend Obsidian, an open source version in a similar vien. Its the community plugins that makes Obsidian really powerful. Give it a spin if you can.

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I’m a Roam Believer (literally, I bought the five year plan), but I find I’m not using it as much as Notion.

I’ll give Obsidian a try, though. Thanks for the tip!

UPDATE: Obsidian is amazing. The feature set is fantastic and the price is right. I think I’ve found my new ideal note-taking app!