Upset about recent political commentary on MBW

After listening to MBW for over 10 years, the political discourse recently has been more and more concerning. I listen because I love Apple and tech and have learned a lot from Rene and the others. This episode finally pushed me over the edge when Andy referenced the Florida law and called anyone who supports it a “dope”. I’m sorry if believing that gender identity politics are inappropriate for 6 and 7-year-olds makes me a dope. Andy has sadly taken the lazy route of substituting name calling for honest dialogue. I can find plenty of that on Twitter. I don’t need it on MBW, so I’m unsubscribing. Best wishes to Leo and the team. I hope you can keep the show more focused on tech in the future.


This is a sad commentary- I hope you come back someday

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If you’re looking for good tech podcasts without politics mixed in, try RelayFM. A few of the same people on Twit do shows there. All technical, no politics. At least the ones I listen to.