Luminar 4 is coming very soon...just got this email

Just got this email:

Hello, Luminar Artist!
I have some cool updates for you! First of all, we’re ready to reveal the official release date for Luminar 4 — November 18. If you bought Luminar 4 at an early bird price, you’ll get your copy on November 11.
The next thing I’d like to tell you is that you can use your Luminar 4 license on 2 different devices. The early bird pre-order licenses (first 20 000 copies) are good for up to 5 devices.
Finally, all customers who purchased Luminar 4 by 15 October will get a 1-year SmugMug Portfolio plan. It’s perfect for photographers who need a robust workflow. You’ll get your SmugMug Portfolio plan code alongside your copy of Luminar 4.

Anyone else using Luminar or Aurora HDR?


I’ve been waiting! Pre-ordered 10/6. Glad to know I’ll be getting it before the end of my photography safari! Love Aurora, too. Skylum products have replaced Lightroom on my Mac.


Good stuff :+1:t4:
I need to play with this more now when I can get my workflow dialed in.


Hope you and @Lisa have a wonderful and safe trip. Well deserved. I like your idea of doing fun stuff like that before retiring while you’re young enough to enjoy it
Which cruise line are going on?
Can’t wait to see both of your photos when you get back!

An endless pipe-dream for me. :crazy_face: Trying to flow my iPhone, wife’s iPhone, and digital camera in an efficient and timely manner. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’m running out of hard drive space on my machine so I’ve got some decisions to make; get a NAS? get another computer with a larger HD and if I do that should it be a laptop or desktop. ← will probably post a new topic on this for you and the community to give some feedback.

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Please don’t ever use the word “retire” around @Leo. Treat it like “you know who” in Harry Potter. For many of us, what becomes of our life when @Leo “ “?


Ordered it in August, :crossed_fingers:that I’m one of the 20k with 5 machine access

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Silversea. My dream is to go on their 6 month World expedition cruise in 2025.

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That will be incredible.

Waiting here too. Only recently started using my DSLR again, and not yet decided on my Mac workflow.

When mobile I use…Nikon → WiFi transfer(SnapBridge) → Snapseed → Google/Amazon Photos which works well.

At home on the Mac I’m still deciding between Adobe Creative or something like the Skylum stuff.

The last couple of weeks using Apple Photos has def shown it’s not up to the job. Really bogs down working with RAW, frequently crashes or freezes on my MBP :-1:t2:

Apple Raw doesn’t seem to understand the Sony A7r4 yet. I use Photo Mechanic for ingest then into Luminar. Luminar has a plug-in that works with Lightroom, too

IME even when it does recognise it, seems very unstable. Maybe a Catalina/new version of Photos thing…

I got Luminar 3 from being a SmugMug customer. Still need to try it, but I’m torn on trying to switch away from LR. I love the idea of LR CC/Mobile because I can use my Chromebook (or iPad if I get that) as a starting point for import. But in practice, it’s not great. So I’m tempted by a Surface Pro again for mobile. But every time I pick up an iPad, I love the weight/size.

Workflow and final storage is, to me, my stickler on getting off LR (hell, it’s still annoying when I try to mange my smartphone photos too, lol). The question is… any Luminar users have tips or am I the only crazy one trying to use an iPad/ChromeOS when not at home, heh.

November 18 is the official release date for Luminar 4 according to an email I received 10/31.

You could really stand to be away from home for that long? I don’t think I could do that…

A real life adventure.
And WAY out of my price range.

Just pre-ordered Luminar 4 here too. Intrigued by some of the AI edits they’ve been demoing, will give it a go. Only recently been forced off Aperture, and that is ‘old-school’ anyway, so looking forward to trying a brand new editor.


How is Luminar in comparison for LR? I’m currently still using version 6. My most used (besides basic adjustments) is the ability to “pick” and sort to only view those picked in that particular folder/image series.

Also, how are the export/save options?

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It seems to me you are describing the digital asset management functions of Lightroom. Luminar does not have that functionality or least that level of DAM. Luminar is for enhancing the look of the photo using AI technology.

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Wut? Luminar does precisely two things that I have experienced. It catalogs and sorts photos… and it tweaks them (seemingly keeping a record of all the tweaks against the base photo so you can back out changes if needed.)

Edit: All I know about its features in catalog and sort is from this video:

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