Luminar 4 is coming very soon...just got this email

I don’t think it imports photos from your camera or SD, giving them a name based on your definitions, and placing them in the folder structure you have set up, nor does it allow you to add keywords to the files. That’s what a true DAM does.

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Well this is what the Albums feature is for, I think. It’s a way to virtually group pictures by keywords as far as I understand it. I don’t know about the import features, because I wouldn’t use them if they existed… all my photos go directly onto the NAS, so that nothing is stored directly on whatever PC I am currently sitting at. There is this review, which is now a year old, but probably covers the pros and cons… which will probably all change in a few days when 4 comes out.

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From what I see about the current Albums ability, that seems to be a possible option for the question I was asking. The chapter here covers sorting by picks, which then can simply be added to an Album so that you are only seeing the picked images.


All I’m saying is Luminar does not do the same things as Lightroom from a DAM perspective.

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In a past life I worked at a company that had three professional graphic artists using Photoshop 3 to produce and manage assets for use it products distributed to clients. We would send a photographer with a shot list and they would get all the photos back on Kodak PhotoCD’s. (Yes this is ancient history :blush:) Anyway, at that time we used an interesting program for DAM shared among the three artists and anyone else (say Marketing) who need to view them. I just checked, and it looks like it still exists, but is probably having hard time keeping up with the times… they’re begging people to buy to fund their next version. It was called Thumbs+ from Cerious Software I wonder if the “professional” software, like Lightroom or Luminar has versions for multi-user access, or if that is an under served market?

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:-1:t2: rushed home and I don’t have it yet. Have you got an early copy @P_J? Says Nov 18th on their web site.

Yes…early copy. Paid for it a few months ago.

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Looking forward to Monday! They have some webinars running from midday EET (2 am Pacific :sleeping:)

4 a.m. my time. I’m an early riser, but not that early. At least not until tax season.

To be expected, their servers are heavily loaded today. If you see the spinning wheel after ‘Space required’ retry later. Or a workaround from their forum is try connecting to a VPN. I picked a USA endpoint this morning and it worked. Guess the servers over there are less busy at the mo.

Not sure why Photoshop appears ticked on that dialog as I don’t use it :thinking:

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Luminar 4 is slow (Windows)

Luminar 4 is slow (mac)

So…any early thoughts on Luminar 4? I’ve spent a couple of evenings trying things out. I can see promise in the tools available, but the performance is currently unacceptable working with RAW. Looking at the forum, Skylum knows this, and are promising an update before the end of the year. I’m amazed it got the green light to go live TBH.

I’m mac, on a Quad-Core 2.8 GHz i7 MBP, 16 GB RAM with the AMD Radeon R9. The catalog and all the images are on the local SSD.

  • When switching between photos, it takes 7 to 10 seconds for the edit tools to become available. All tools are then slow to use.
  • Using the mask tool is laggy to the point it is unusable.
  • Any edits take 5 seconds plus to apply. Sometimes they don’t work at all, I have to move away from the image and back, it then refreshes eventually.
  • I’m sure I’ve lost edits. Closed the app, went back later and an image I was working with had reverted.

Disappointed. I’d be very interested in how it performs on @Leo’s 2019 MBP.

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Yipes. I haven’t had time to try it out. What a bummer. There were quite a few issues when 3 came out as I recall. That was the Windows version.

Already an update.
Played with it briefly. It’s slow but not unusable for me.


Thanks PJ. Be interested in how you get on. I found it slows as you use it, after a couple of hours last night everything was unusable - worst was masking, so laggy.

How many pics do you have in your catalog? My original intention was to use Luminar as my DAM. Thinking now it’s not up to it.


Nice photo. Can you see your reflection in the bird’s eye if you blow it up? :crazy_face:

I only have 3,000 pics in the library. I have not moved all my photos over to it yet. So far, I’ve only been dabbling with Luminar. I really need to go through their training material to learn how to use it.

DAM - for at least 2 years Skylum has promised LR replacement DAM. Not there. I’m going to continue to use LR for DAM and minor editing and then pop into Luminar when I think it would do a nice job with AI enhancements. At least until I learn how to use all its features.

Ha, I did look, I’m in the shadows.

Luminar 4 is my first app other than Aperture ages ago, Google/Apple Photos and Snapseed. All new to me at the mo. I might look at Adobe (or others?) too at some point.

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Steve’s comment made me smile :grinning:

Hmmm. Starting to get into it now.

This is a place I know very well, we walk for miles here every day with the dog. Pete Townshend owns it :guitar:

Ashdown House, Oxfordshire, UK

Used AI Enhance, AI Structure mask on the house, sky replace, added sunrays and a touch of mystical.

Original untouched image, I picked a nondescript rejected picture on purpose to see what I could do with it.


Nice. You’re way ahead of me on Luminar.
Would you post the untouched photo too?