Humble Bundle has Luminar 4 in a bundle

In case you know anyone, yourself included, who would like a photo management and AI powered adjustment tool, Luminar 4 is in a bundle at Humble Bundle for a week or so (until Dec 2 or so, depending on time zones.)

Nice. I’ll take a look at that later.

I’d be cautious of using Luminar for photo management TBH. I use Luminar 4, but have had several library corruptions that the support team have been unable to help with, so I’ve had to ditch the library and start from scratch.

It’s just happened again upgrading to Big Sur, so looking like I’m going to lose another few months of photo edits (or revert to a backup).

Other than that, I like it as a photo editor.

Also, its replacement, Luminar AI ships on December 15th.

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Just an update on this one, Big Sur has tightened up permissions so it seems Luminar couldn’t access its own data which was in my user area on the hard disk.

From what I could work out, a newly installed app prompts Big Sur to ask for permission to access the hard drive. But if it’s already installed, no prompt, it just fails.

All working now :+1:t2:

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