Love the show but stop talking over Stacy

Leo, Jeff and all the guys… you have to quit man-splaining Stacy. Also let her talk. Just my two cents.

I do love the show and do enjoy you Leo and Jeff, but my God let her talk.


What he said :point_up::point_up:
I think Stacey’s perspective is often very rational and balanced. Her point of view about the China situation here is very astute.
Go princess :princess:


Absolutely right - I’ll endeavor to do better in future. The more heated the topic the more likely I’ll interrupt. Sorry!


You all are great. But Stacy rocks above all! And that’s coming from a Jeff Jarvis fan.


I do think Stacy gets talked over a bit much, more by Jeff than by Leo, but I also think that is part of Stacy’s personality in and of itself. If she were more assertive she would likely be talked over less. As I have on a few occasions heard her say “Now Jeff, I was talking let me finish speaking and then you can voice your point.” But all though I don’t follow any of the twit host outside of TWIT, TWIG, WW, or MacBreak, I still think @Leo has assembled some of the greatest talent for his Netcast, I mean um, Podcast. :wink:


Hate to say it, but I think the same thing happened on MBW 683 when Lory Gil started to say something and Leo talked over her, then she tried again and Rene talked over her. I appreciate it’s not any easy thing to catch when presenters are remote and there may be latency issues, but it’s one of those things that can create the wrong impression, especially on audio where the audience can’t see any visual cues or exchanges that might have made it less significant.


Yeah in this case it was latency. I usually will play traffic cop when that happens.


Yeah I noticed you normally do that, I think that’s why I decided to mention it not happening this time. I’m sure it’s not easy to manage in real time, I’ve had similar problems with international conference calls where latency can make it almost impossible not to step on each other’s toes.

Wow. I didn’t mean to make this a huge freaking deal. But good on you Leo you did good in TWiG this week.

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Just wanted to say (since people are still commenting on this) that I also wish Jeff would calm down and give Stacey and others more room to talk, and also stop dismissing every critique of big tech as moral/techno panic, as it doesn’t really encourage thoughtful discussion. Other than that, TWiG is a great show, and I appreciate Ant Pruitt’s recent contributions.


You do a very good job of keeping shows moving in the right direction and on topic. Yes, I think there is room for improvement for sure regarding interruptions.

However I think I’ve never disagreed more than with Stacey’s stance on the China issue.

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I think a lot of this happens due to latency and having a mix of local and remote hosts. I work from home and am on Slack and Zoom calls all the time and having any kind of engaged, back and forth discussion is frustrating at best and impossible at worst.

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I’ve noticed the talking over issue, too, but I think it’s pretty fairly across the board when it happens and I think everyone manages it very well. Stacy is absolutely brilliant and well-reasoned, but I think sometimes her brain gets ahead of her speech. I mean that with the utmost respect. Sometimes I feel as if she doesn’t quite get her thought completely verbalized when she’s already moving on to her next thought. Does that make sense to anyone but me?


I love how Stacy can bring a very different perspective to the table and she often says exactly what I’m thinking.


I wish you could have Kevin Tofel on more often (or always :smiley:) he adds a strong technical flavor to the show


I agree. I also really enjoy it when Mathew Ingram is on the show.


I have been a subscriber via PocketCasts to many shows on the network (Twit, Twig, Security now, Windows Weekly, Floss, AAA) and obviously I enjoy the long form conversations and the variety of topics and guests.

Leo is insufferable on TWIG. This is my favourite of all the shows, but can can someone (maybe Carsten?) remind Leo he has his own shows where he can monopolize the discussions and please let the other hosts talk. He acknowledges that he does it and vows to be better…but someone needs to reign him in every couple minutes.

It feels to me (my own opinion only) that he thinks he is the smartest guy in the room and has to talk down to and explain his thoughts to everyone. On TWIG Stacey seems to get talked over the most, but I recognise this pattern on other shows as well.

The lineup on the last show was fantastic - Kevin Tofel, Stacey and Ant. From my perspective, the wide variety of contributors provide a fantastic perspective (that’s why I’m a weekly listener). I want to hear from people with such passion in their respective areas of expertise.

Let Leo host and guide the discussions (he is good at that), and let the outstanding talent share their thoughts and views.

And thanks to the TWIT community (and yes Leo… regardless of how my previous post came across, he is not all bad :wink: ) all for the open forum.

Is there some way to “pin” the reminder to be kind and supportive while writing replies? Looking at my previous post I had a free flow of thoughts that wasn’t as kind so what is above is my re-written thoughts.

Also, I’ve heard Ant on the other shows for years and I didn’t realize until I heard him on a regular basis what a outstanding talent he is. Smart and talented in his field - Yes. But what I appreciate even more is his calming and respectful demeanor. With a lot of discourse involving heated discussions and talking over people, Ant is a breath of fresh air!

Hey, good news! I’m going on vacation for a month. TWiG will be unsullied by my opinions for a whole four episodes!

Honestly, if any show is better with less Leo, I’m open to the idea. As currently construed I’m an equal part of the panel on all my shows except Security Now. If you’d prefer I’d play the role of moderator, as opposed to panel member, that would be pretty easy to do. Frankly easier than participating.

And I’m sincere here, not fishing for compliments. See how the shows feel to you over the next month - if you like them better let me know. Ego aside, it would be a good thing if the network were less “Leo-centric.”

I can think of many podcasts where I would prefer less hosting - the Daily comes to mind: Michael Barbero’s style grates on me. I certainly don’t want to be the sand in the oyster!

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I even skipped over the Stacy reference as a song joke this entire time.

What’s wrong with Leo’s humour and integrity?