Stacey and Jeff both off traveling next week

Jason teased about a couple of surprises for next weeks TWIG. With Stacey and Jeff both off traveling will Andy Ihnatko be a guest on the show? That would be great! Thoughts?

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Sure, why not. Iain Thomson would be great too.


If only there were another TWiT show with amazing hosts that was entirely focused on a Google product…


It would be nice to see Matt Cutts on TWiG again.


Kevin Tofel & Stacey’s husband can take over! :grin:

So or original plan was to have AAA take over TWiG, but Ron had some things come up last minute so we couldn’t quite pull it off. :slightly_frowning_face: Still, great episode!


Jason- I like your style. You did a great job covering for Leo on both Security Now and TWiG. I was hoping to see a mashup of shows for that last TWiG. Like Andy and Paul Thurrott. Its a mute point now but maybe when Leo is out on vacation next time.