Leo please read this

@Leo I am a huge fan of you and your network but I have 1 issue
You have to give guests a chance to speak.
You are a great host
I understand the latency effect but watching Macbreak weekly you interrupted Alex so much you can see his frustration and I see it on TWIG too. We miss Stacys opinion cause she just gives up and let her boss speak.
Just my 2 cents
Once again I am a HUGE fan of this network
I just want to help

Frequently Alex NEEDS moderation or else he will steal the whole episode and turn it into his show “after hours” part two. He has no comprehension of the “common man” and what it’s like to wish you could afford 1/1000th of the gear he buys on a whim.


I understand a bit of moderation is needed but If you pay attention in TWIG he over talks stacy all the time and she really does not need moderation


I have the same feeling regarding Leo talking over Ant.