Listener Survey 2023

Just completed, Leo! I love your shows! I felt an immediate panic when I heard of your Tech Guy retirement and then an immediate sense of relief when I read you’d continue with Mikah as Ask the Tech Guys. LOVE


Thanks Chaz! Please do let me know what you think of Ask the Tech Guys - it’s a work in progress and we really want to make sure it’s what people want.

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The survey emphasizes what the questioner wants to know more than what the answerer wants to say.

I am not asked “Why” I listen to “,” neither am I asked if I will have time to listen since the pandemi is over. My primary purpose for listening to long hours of talk shows is to practice listening in English.

Since the pandemic is over, I might not have as much time to listen to “heavy stuff” as before. I am starting to have significant “backlogs” on my “Watch Later” YouTube playlist, and I am beginning to “skip contents” to reduce that backlog.

Therefore, it would be nice to have 5 minutes of “Daily Highlights” every work day. Then, it links to “4-15 minutes snippets” if I want to list a particular issue. But this is me, which might not represent the majority.

This is the way!

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I did my part. Every time I heard the ad while driving, I’m like Oh shoot I really need to do that, today however, I actually remembered while sitting at the laptop. :slight_smile:


@Leo can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the purpose of the survey is to collect the demographics of the listeners that can be used to lure advertisers, since TWiT doesn’t want to put trackers/etc in the podcast feeds.


Hi Leo, thanks for the reply! I really enjoyed your radio show. I miss Kim, and hope she is well. Your new iteration of the show with @mikahsargent is great so far. It reminds me of when you and Mikah did iOS Today together. You two have such a great style of communication. I can tell you both have great respect for one another and you complement one another super well. Also, this new format/version/evolution of this show feels so much more relaxed and like a “family discussion” vs the structure of the radio show. And finally, I feel like you’re able to answer more questions! Or perhaps I am interpreting this to be true based on the new format. … Oh and one last thing…! … The zoom audio calls sound SO MUCH better than the regular calls during the radio version.

If I could sneak in one request :slight_smile: I would love for you, Leo, to return to iOS Today. I miss your laughing with Mikah over games, silly apps, and ridiculous iOS settings/quirks. It felt so lighthearted, fun, and with you two together in the studio, I watched the show like it was the old TechTV days. It felt so warm and happy.

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Some questions did not offer an answer that I could use. ‘Other’ should be an answer to more questions, with the option to specify. Source of news? (RSS) What device? (Logitech radio). How do you discover new podcasts? (Podcast listing web sites) What topic not covered? (Linux)

I guess it depends upon what the survey is for. TWIT survey seems to be to collect data on interest to potential advertisers.