Leo "stepping on" other hosts

Moderator note, this was originally a reply to a MacBreak episode: MBW 808: Surprises and Delights

I love listening to Leo, but too often his audio steps on his guests. This is especially true when guests other than the usual trio are on.

@leo has mentioned this before, but in essence, it is the delay because of the video feeds the guests are on. I suspect that it also comes down to the guests not being used to such feeds and when someone starts speaking over them, they stop talking (it is an automatic reflex). The regular guests are used to it and keep talking and Leo does his best to recognise that he has talked over someone and will let them continue.

Until we invent lagless videocalls, this problem will always exist. It is up to the hosts to recognise when they have started talking over someone and then tell them to continue. IMHO, Leo does a fairly good job at that.


The delay makes it worse, but I often run into a similar problem with my own 1:1 cell phone calls or Zoom/Skype/Teams meetings. The other person starts talking at the same time as you, or a fraction of a second after, and the audio gets cut off, and there’s an awkward micro pause as you figure who should proceed. I find it incredibly frustrating. Maybe I’m crazy, but I don’t recall this being an issue with old analog phones. And it is one of the things I really prefer about in-person meetings.

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I should have added more to my original note.

I understand the audio lag, but I think there is more to it. There have been instances where a guest has expertise in an area but Leo will speak at length expounding on the topic. I recall several times when a female lawyer was on the panel but did not get much air time. Perhaps he goes into explainer mode automatically since that is his role on the radio.