Logitech has served me well

I am normally grumpy about many products/services and their failure to deliver on the hype. So I thought I would praise a company I have been very happy with. I have owned many Logitech devices and they have lasted me for a very long time and generally speaking I am very happy with them.

I think it was on TWIT that Louis Maresca showed his Logitech joystick. A model that I also have. It started me thinking about all the Logitech items I own.

I realized that everything I ever remember buying that is Logitech is still working. The first item I remember were my computer speakers the Logitech Z-5500 Speakers 5.1 Surround Sound 505W RMS

Not my picture. Logitech Z-5500 Speakers

I purchased them in 2005 and they are still great. I used them as my computer speakers for many years. They then moved to being used as the main rooms TV speaker system where they are still going strong today.

My keyboard and mouse are the Logitech Cordless Desktop LX700 and also purchased around 2005. Again years of continuous use everyday and night for work and gaming. I live at my computer. Dropped more times that I remember, more drinks than I remember spilled over the keyboard. The worst being hot chocolate very sticky… and still going strong! My mouse left click was getting a bit funny so after looking inside I had worn down the plastic that presses the micro switch so the plastic was not making a good contact. I built is up with some superglue and it feels like new!

Not my picture. Cordless Desktop LX700

My Wingman Attack joystick was released in 2003 so it may actually be the oldest Logitech item. I have not used this much but every time I get in to a game that requires some flying I get it out and it works every time. Battlefield 1, which I still play is it’s most recent use.

My Cordless RumblePad 2 is old too. No idea when I purchased but great. Same story

I also have the G933 wireless headphones, which I really like apart from the creaking plastic… Purchased in 2017. These I have used almost daily for 3 years for around 4 hours a day. During the evening when the wife is home I use these so I do not disturb her. Used while gaming/podcasts/music/Youtube/Mowing the lawn/dishwasher etc. Dropped more times than I remember again.

The battery was getting weak so I went to the internet to see if they were even supported anymore and if so what crazy cost or ebay rubbish 3rd party battery I could find. Again Logitech came through with the battery available on their site for £10! Also lots of other spares/parts.

So if you had not guessed I am pleased with my Logitech purchases and they have out lasted other brands I have used.

Next on my list is a Harmony remote and a webcam!

No affiliation with Logitech just a happy customer :slight_smile:


I am still pretty pissed at Logitech for what they did to Slim Devices (buy them and then run them into the ground.) Mind you, they get minor credit for still running a public server for the “Radio” device, but all I use it for anymore is an alarm clock because they otherwise all but abandoned the product line.

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Agreed, I’ve never had a bad experience with Logitech


I’ve got a Logitech wireless ergonomic keyboard that I have had for more years that I can count. I’ve always used Logitech mice. I’ve got a 5.1 set of speakers from them hooked up working fine. I’ve also been a Harmony user for many users.

I really can’t complain about them.


Those are some pretty sweet headphones.

I’ve also had several Logitech products. Only one bad experience, but it wasn’t their fault but Samsung’s.

I had a Samsung Note Pro 12-point-something-inch tablet, and I got the Logitech keyboard for it. All was great for several months until Sammy pushed an update. Did they plan on pushing an update that broke integration with the keyboard? Surely not — they just didn’t care. I say that because it took more than a year of scathing comments from me and many others on Samsung’s forums before they finally fixed it. The sad thing is that besides filling up Samsung’s forums with comments about it, people also attacked Logitech for it. But it was a software issue — nothing for Logitech to do about it, so again, not their fault.

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I forgot, I had a Logitech keyboard case for my original iPad. It had solar panels to keep the battery charged.

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I’ve had great experiences with Logitech too!

I built my first PC back in 2005 and bought Logitech’s G5 gaming mouse to go with it. That mouse lasted until around 2011, when the optical sensor started zooming my cursor off the right randomly. I wasn’t sure what the warranty situation was so I contacted Logitech support, who without question agreed to replace my OG G5 with a brand new G500! I used the G500 until this year, when the left button finally started missing clicks. So I effectively had a single Logitech mouse for 15 years of hard, angry gaming use. I kept it as a trophy, with its worn logo and shredded cord.

Replaced it with a wireless G9 with the fancy charging mat. Fantastic hardware so far, I’ll be pleased as punch if I get another 15 years from this purchase.


I have been using Logitech products for 25 years and I never have had a bad experience…

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I have a couple of Logitech keyboards in a cupboard somewhere. I still use my Logitech MX Master 2 mice, although I have an Anker vertical mouse at work now (can’t use my own any more and the company won’t buy a mouse that expensive).

But I use Microsoft Natural/Ergonomic keyboards.


I always buy Logitech keyboards. I like them.

They have Microsoft keyboards at work - and they are too glossy for me. The light reflects off the keys and bugs me.

I can type over 70 words a minute, but I have to look at the keys as I type. I taught myself to type in the 80s. I just use 1 finger on each hand and my right thumb for the space bar. Basically, I got super fast with the hunt and peck method :slight_smile:

When they keys are too shiny, I can’t see the letters if there are overhead lights from the ceiling. I always buy my own keyboard for the office, because the logitech keys have more of a matte finish.

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Same here ! Logitech makes great products! All mine still work perfectly. Minus a re-make of the trackball I lost back in the 90’s . The new “Blue ball” Track ball mouse is not good. It’s just wonky. I may try out the newer one they have put out recently. It looks a lot better.


Logitech fan myself. I’ve bought countless Logitech products over the years and they’ve always been great. One time I did suffer the dreaded double-click issue with a G502 mouse, but they sent me a new replacement no problem.

I’m currently rocking a g305 wireless mouse. Paid $39 for it on sale and it’s a hell of a mouse. Incredible battery life and the amazing HERO sensor so you’re getting as good or better latency than traditional wired mice! I can’t recommend it enough. A single AAA battery will last for months with heavy, daily use. And that sensor. I can play competitive FPS games and there is no latency concern whatsoever.

My daily keyboard is a Topre Realforce 87u 55g, which is a Ferrari for keyboards. But I also have a Logitech G Pro keyboard which has super low key travel. Perfect for gaming. With the illuminated keys and super low travel, it’s awesome for FPS games. Both are connected to the computer at the same time so I just slide over to the gpro when I’m gaming and then slide back to my Topre when I’m writing or working.

I also love the G203 wired mouse. Great shape, cheap, great sensor.

My c920 webcam is terrific. My c270 webcam does the job well, too.

My k400+ keyboard with built in touchpad is a great little keyboard for the HTPC.

Over the years I have used Logitech joysticks, gamepads, headsets and speakers. While I tend to use other brands for those devices these days, they were always solid.

I find that logitech stuff always gives you value for your money and great quality at every price point. Sure, you can always spend way more for super high end stuff and the sky is the limit when it comes to keyboards, speakers or headsets. So I sometimes go into niche or boutique products for that. But when it comes to mice and webcams, especially mice, I will always consider Logitech stuff first.

American company, good support, too. I remember Logitech’s first mice waaay back in the day. They have always been good. Rare to see a company stick around and stay consistent for so long.

They have also been good stewards of their acquistions, like StreamLabs (including Elgato), and Blue, which makes the popular Yeti microphones.


I used to work with Logitech and it was there I began to love the peripherals they make.

From the MX 3200 Wireless keyboard to the MX Wireless Mouse with infinity scrollwheel and the Ultimate Ears earbud (i miss those); I never had a problem with them and they all died due to natural causes.

And back in the day when wireless peripherals was still new, Logitech to my surprise was able to create these products with good battery life. I had one wireless keyboard that i changed the battery about 2x in the 3 years that it had served me. Also, i love the travel the keyboard gave me.


Yes, but those early devices were a security nightmare, keystroke published unencrypted to the world (I think they just used ROT13).

I am still rocking those speakers as well on my gaming PC. Besides breaking a speaker stand in a move, the have been 100%.


that is very true. However during my time “security” & “privacy” was in the back burner, not to mention we didn’t have things like Lastpass, MFA and so on. And like what Leo says in his ad reads, our password is shared on a sticky note posted on the monitor.

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