Keyboard ad during Macbreak weekly

Hi there - In one of the recent episodes (probably 3-4 weeks ago now), Leo did an ad for a keyboard. I am trying to recall what keyboard that was. Anybody remember?

I believe it was during Macbreak weekly.

I believe you’re referring to


Yes sir! That is it! Thank you :slight_smile:

Anyone tried this vs magic keyboard from Apple?

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Yes. I ordered the BT extended keyboard in gray. It was nice but ended up sending it back, sadly.

The keyboard is high quality, and looks good – very similar to the Apple wireless keyboards. Pairing with up to 4 devices was great. However the key travel is a bit different than Apple keyboards. It was originally for my wife, but she didn’t like the feel and it came to me. In typing, we both found we’d miss certain letters while typing. Not that the keyboard didn’t work, just that we both had a problem with keys not registering when typing quickly. (normally use apple wired keyboard, ergo keyboard, and various MacBooks). As I was contemplating what to do, I started to have a fault with keys not responding at all, so back it went. I wanted to like it, but just not for me. :frowning:

Just like Leo said, their support it top notch. I would try it out. Still keep thinking of ordering another.

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Thanks for the feedback!

After doing more research through wirecutter and amazon, ended up ordering Logitech’s Ergo keyboard:


Cool. I have an older version of that. I didn’t know about the new one but will check it out. Would appreciate your feedback on it when you have a chance to test it out!

Absolutely, will do!

I tried it out as well but it wasn’t for me. I would say don’t bother with the backlit version. It has two batteries and one is dedicated to the backlight but unfortunately you never know when it is depleted until it stops working (As opposed to the main battery which has a light that indicates when it is depleted). When the back light battery depleted you can’t charge it separately from the main battery so you end up plugging it back in and therefore you would need to plug it in more frequently than if you did not have the backlight or simply did not use it. Just like Sagauro said the key travel is different as well. It’s not a bad keyboard or design, but it wasn’t for me. (Also the “Space Gray” color is not the same shade of grey as Apple’s it is much lighter and closer to the “Silver” MacBook color).


I keep eyeballing that new Logitech ergo to replace a much much older one, but I can’t seem to justify it to myself.

I really like chiclet style keyboards - I don’t like huge travel in the keys. I was considering Matias, but very expensive in Australia. Know of any decent keyboards with Apple keyboard type travel, which is also backlit? Built in USB hub would be handy too, but not essential.

For a Windows desktop.

Um, I think maybe the Logitech Illuminated Keyboard might match that? It felt kinda chiclety to me (but I found the edges of the adjacent keys hurt my fingers if I didn’t land centered on a key.)

I bought it in the early days of Windows 7 because I wanted a backlit keyboard and it was one of the few that seemed to exist at that time. They’ve refreshed the design a bit since then, I think, so I don’t know if current ones are like the one I have.

After 10 years or so I had the backspace key keycap come loose, and I effected a repair on my own, but it still eventually comes lose if I hit the key off centre. Since that time I have moved on to a “gaming keyboard” with Cherry Red Silent keys, and no longer use the Logitech.

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Thanks, will look at that. I have Gigabyte gaming keyboard right now - nothing special, it doesn’t have mechanical keys, but it’s falling apart a bit and typing on it isn’t great.

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My favorite keyboard is still the IBM PS2 keyboard I had while I was in college - probably around 1992 or 1993. It was an all in 1 unit with the screen built into the body. Keyboard made a lot of noise, but I loved it.

You might also like one of these if you can find one. I bought it for my mom, but she ended up switching away from a PC to an iPad so I have it on one of my machines. It’s not too bad actually.