Hey itsa me, Leooo

Hi guys! Here’s where you can let me know what’s on your mind in any area. Put suggestions and bug reports in the Feedback forum, comments about specific shows in the TWiT Shows forum, but anything else can go here.

And as an added bonus I’ll keep an up to date list of tech I’m using right here:


iPhone 11 Pro Max (really loving the screen, speed, and cameras)
Pixel 3XL (thin and light, love Android for its customizability)
Pixel 4XL (still the safest way to run Android)
OnePlus 7 Pro (90 hz screen, no notch, decent phone but not my fave) Handed down to Mikah
Note 10+ (nice and big, if I could draw I’d use the stylus) Handed down to Abby


System 76 Oryx Pro (my breakfast beast, 17" 1080p screen, 32GB RAM, 2.5 TB storage, i7–6820 HK CP, GeForce GTX 980M, Pop_OS! 19.04, way too heavy to take anywhere - I’m typing on it now) Retired to the den

iMac Pro in my home office, running 2 additional 27" Apple displays. Used mostly for photo editing

2018 MacBook Air thin and light, this is my travel notebook retired

16" MacBook Pro My new goto laptop for home and travel, sweeet

System76 Darter Pro Excellent OS (plus Coreboot) on mediocre hardware, my Linux laptop at home

At Work

iMac 5k on my desk in the office
Thinkpad T470s also on my desk, running Pop_OS!
Surface Go also on my desk, for Windows questions

Lenovo A940 on the roundtable set for TWiG, MBW, and TWiT show use, running Windows 10


Hello good sir! Glad to be here!

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Great idea to have a forum like this!


This is pretty neat. Thank you for continuing to build the TWiT Community. We love :two_hearts: you Leo!


This is so much better than the chatroom! Sorry chatroom, but it is. :stuck_out_tongue:


hi leo love this Idea

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@ leo fourms are nice. Small Suggestion: is there a setting that when you respond to a specific person the response is grouped with the question. Right now, your reply goes to the bottom of the comments list.


A threaded view would be good, if that’s possible…

@ leo fourms are nice. Small Suggestion: is there a setting that when you respond to a specific person the response is grouped with the question. Right now, your reply goes to the bottom of the comments list.


Heya Leo,
I’m glad you decided to try a forum, again. In the winter I have more time to hang out and hit up the chat, but summer I’m working dark to dark (which can be 18 hours up here in northern Minnesota in June). This gives me a chance for a little distraction when it’s needed!

I am one of those that is a 98% video participant, so I’m glad you’re visual. I will probably check out Mikah’s audio podcast, as I think you did well in finding him. That said, I heard about it while “watching” TWIT :slight_smile:

My tech:

Note 10+ - Aura - What a nice phone. My friends can really see me coming on the highway as it sits in a holder on the dash and the Aura is like a rainbow beacon :slight_smile: I use the big screen and S Pen to note dimensions and info on my job sites. Very handy.
Note 8 - abandoned our land-line and moved the # to another “user” on the cell plan.

Surface Studio - 1st gen with SSD upgrade
Suface Book - 1st gen - still going strong
Surface Pro 4 - with keyboard - handy when portability is needed.

Sony DSC HX400 V/B - nice all around camera. GPS is nice to document job related images.
Sony NEX 5-T - durable beater when I need a little more compact. Also have adapter for a bunch of old Pentax lenses

Aberfeldy 21 year old Single Malt Scotch - wonderfully smooth :tumbler_glass:
Vino Noveto winery (Amador County CA) - 2015 Sangiovese discovered last winter and bought a case to get through this summer :wine_glass:
Cold Smoke Scotch Ale - KettleHouse Brewery - unfortunately, local to the Montana area but I pick up a half dozen 4 packs on our way to and from MN and CA



Chat’s been around a REALLY long time. It’s not for everyone, but it has its place.
If this system sticks around ½ as long as IRC has it’ll be hugely succesful and we’ll have twice as many ways to communicate together. Use what’s better for you.


Yeah sorry about the threading - I have a feeling that’s going to be the big complaint about Discourse. It’s by design, according to the devs.

I think the idea is to encourage one topic - one discussion. It’s not something we can change, however.


I know you realise you @Leo are the guy we all want to be, because you figured out how to take your love of tech, and turn it into a business, where the company buys you all the toys you want. And, your spouse cannot complain (too much) because you playing with the toys pays the bills.

You also do something very rare in this world. You give folks like me a place to listen, watch, and now participate in the subjects we all love, tech. And you make it sound like fun most of the time. I for one appreciate what you do, and how you put yourself out in the world to help even those who struggle with the toys that now have become absolute necessities in life these days.

A suggestion for when you recommend Linux as a replacement for Windows and MacOS. I think you need to specify that Linux requires a fair bit more higher level tech experience if one wants to go beyond the apps provided at the initial install. I think it’s similar to recommending a Chromebook without pointing out that in a lot of cases, you have to make the effort to go and get the tools you need that you are used to having on Windows and Mac. I’d hate to see the almost 70 year old grandparent wipe their 15 year old Windows PC, then get lost trying to install Linux, find out the wifi doesn’t work right out of the box, have no idea how to get the ethernet connected to the modem thats in a closet, then try to learn how to use the command line interface to download and install the driver for the out of date PC wifi card. Three days. But no way some stupid box is going to beat me.


Flat is simpler and better, or at least cleaner to me. One reason I’m not all that into Reddit and other forums (Reddit really is just an infinite forum system) that are threaded by default. You can always start a new thread or PM someone if you want to have a side convo.


I know you’re probably too busy to reply, Leo, but I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed you on the TV and on the radio since I was about 15 years old, and I’m 44 now! haha :smiley: Thanks for TWiT, and for satisfying my techie soul. Keep up the great work! And thanks for a lifetime of techie goodness.

PS I love the current Leo Tech List above… I’m sure it’s a task to keep that updated, but its awesome to see what you’re actually using. My current faves are the iPhone 11 (great camera!) and my Surface Book 2 (awaiting new Surface goodness tomorrow)… Love me some Paul & Mary Jo, too. Please send my love!




Like this? If so you have to manually select it when you reply.


Hi Leo. Love your show. Watch everyday…ALL DAY! Working overseas your YouTube LIVE was amazing!! THANK YOU!


Thanks @Govtwit - great to have you. Where are you posted if I may ask?

Spent the last 18 years in Doha, Qatar. Just up from the famous Dubai! :). I am an IT Mission Specialist. All of us guys listen to you and have watched you for years! Love what you do and your shows are all GREAT!!! Thanks so much for what you do and I hope one day to get to Petaluma to see you LIVE! :). We just got stationed in San Antonio, Texas.


Welcome home. We have four days in Dubai next month!

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Oh man that is gonna be awesome Leo!! You gotta see…

  1. Burj Khalifa Tower (Go to the Armani Hotel at the top floor)
  2. Atlantis…beautiful dining and bar
  3. The Palms…David Beckham and Elton John live there…entire island is shaped like a palm tree…gotta see it from the Air.
  4. Burj Al Arab Jameriah…sail shaped hotel…LUXURY!! They pick you up in a Rolls Royce PHANTOM! :slight_smile:

I am jealous Leo!! HA

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