Logitech K780 Keyboard

Just curious what ya’ll think about Logitech’s K780 Keyboard. I love that it works with Mac, Windows and IOS. The three platforms I use. I have 1 Mac, 1 Windows, & 1 IOS device so switching between the three should work just fine. I’m more or less interested in anyone experience with this device. I liked this one over the MX series as it has the tray at the top for setting a tablet or phone so you can use it on your lap and type if/when needed. Thanks in advance for the feedback everyone.

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I really like mine for the same reasons. I even have the same devices. I think if my memory serves me, didn’t Andy recommend it as a pick on MacBreak at some point? I like how sturdy it is and I love that slot. The keyboard is weighted well enough that you could probably put two of the larger sized iPads on it without worrying about it. I often stick my earbuds and chapstick in that slot. If you have a thick phone/tablet case that slot doesn’t work. But this hasn’t hindered me yet.

If I’m working with a lot of numbers, the keyboard will sit right on top of my MBP giving me a keyboard with a number pad. (I don’t understand why apple can’t make a laptop with a flipping number pad… but you know if they did, it would probably be more expensive than doing it this way! haha)

I haven’t tried the MX Keyboard, but I have had all three MX Master mice. I highly recommend.

I have the MX 720 mouse and I love it. I thought about getting one of the MX keyboard but chose this one for the slot at the top. I do like being able to stick my phone in that slot or a tablet when I’m working with it. Funny as I read the comment about sitting it on the Macbook pro. Thats exactly where it’s been sitting as I’ve out grown my current desk. Guess three screens a mouse and a keyboard should probably have a bit more room lol.

I use one at work and like it quite a bit. There are only a few things that bug me: having to use the Fn key to take a screenshot, the occasionally weird behavior caused be the device switching functionality on F1-F3 and the tiny arrow keys. None of these really present a major issue for me at work though and I quite like it. I do use an MX Keys at home, which I find easier to use for gaming due to the full-size arrow keys and standard F1-F3 key behavior.

For geeks who use multiple devices, the Logitech Flow device switching is a game changer. Since most newer monitors support multiple inputs, it effectively gives you a KVM setup with no extra hardware. Reserving a spot for the Logitech Unifying Adapter is the #1 reason for still wanting at least USB-A port on a laptop.