Live stream a little flaky?

I’ve been watching the live stream of iOS Today and the beginning of MacBreak Weekly on my iPad, and noticed that the video kept dropping into a blurry low-resolution image, and sometimes hanging up completely with a circling “loading” indicator. I closed the live stream and immediately ran the Speedtest app, which showed a decent speed - 33 Mbps down / 7ms ping - without any dips. This is over 2.4 GHz WiFi on a cable internet connection. Looks like my connection is behaving OK, so has anyone else seen any glitches in the live stream?

Edited: I was watching on the the default Twitch stream.

I thought it was just me, even though I normally don’t have skips. I guess there is something to it.

Try going direct to YouTube or Twitch if you are having issues.

I know that this forum site was not working for a little while this morning - but that wouldn’t be tied to the problem you are having. Sorry.

The problem with YouTube is it refuses to allow Picture-in-Picture unless you’re a paying Red subscriber. Twitch’s delay is like a good 20 seconds. :confused: It’s not that those aren’t better than nothing, but that even their best is worse for someone interested in keeping up in chat.

Are you on desktop? Thought the PIP was just a feature of Chrome. Although I am a Premium subscriber…

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Oh, sorry: iPad :sweat_smile: [making message long enough to post]

Ah right, haven’t had issues on my iPhone Xs on LTE.

(Seems to have settled back down since the thread was started.)

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Not completely fixed. Locked up once in MacBreak Weekly, and now once in the pre-show SN conversation.

It looks good to me…

By the end of my evening (early afternoon PST) it looked OK so hopefully whatever was affecting the Twitch stream has cleared.

Update: I’ve had the live stream of FLOSS Weekly running for the last hour and it’s bern flawless. Whatever the problem was, it looks like it’s gone.