WWDC coverage on youtube

CAN you put graphics on the youtube stream saying “we are not live for the Apple event, go to live.twit.tv?” Is that technically possible? Or maybe change the channel title to say something like that, temporarily?

I don’t understand what the issue is? “TWiT Live” is not necessarily always live at any time. It will say “previously recorded” when playing something that was live recorded earlier in the day, but usually once the show gets its final edit and publish, it doesn’t play on Live as I presume they presume you’ll download it if you want it. Other than that, it’s usually “TWiT Bits”.

My guess is that they pulled the YouTube feed for the WWDC coverage. They’ve had issues in the past where they’ve been taken down for copyright violations.

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If someone tuned in to live.twit.tv yesterday the YouTube stream option was the only one that didn’t have the WWDC coverage.

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Last year the live stream got taken off of YouTube due to copyright infringement by “rebroadcasting” the WWDC keynote. I have to assume that they disabled the Youtube feed to keep that from happening again.


I assumed it was something like that; thanks for the info. :+1:t3:

Yes, that’s exactly it. We got a copyright strike and had our livestream taken down last year. (We fought it and won, but that still meant our livestream was not on YouTube for a couple weeks.) Rather than go through that again, it’s a lot easier to just ask people watch on a non-YouTube stream. We also don’t post the recorded episode to YouTube and people will just have to watch on twit.tv or download the podcast instead.


AI is not yet great!! :grin:

@PDelahanty, speaking of steams, since a week now, the Twitch stream hasn’t worked for me. I always run TWiT in Chrome, because Firefox doesn’t offer the means to cast to my TV. I don’t like Chrome because of how little privacy it offers, so I just use it in private browsing mode at all times. This has worked fine for years now, up until the other day. I think maybe Chrome got some update that blocks more cookies or something. Now all it gives me is a white box unless I manually allow cookies for twitch and player.twitch. I guess it’s fine, if annoying, but I thought I would mention that something seems to have changed.