live feed via YouTube now constantly hiccups live feed via YouTube constantly hiccups with a repeat of a second’s video and audio, every 30 seconds or so. I noticed this had started yesterday. No such behaviour with the Twitch live feed. Also, it doesn’t seem to happen with mobile YouTube for Android. Just on my Windows 10 desktop running Brave. It also isn’t happening with other desktop YouTube video, live or otherwise. Just TWiT live on YouTube on my desktop.


I was watching it via YT on my Apple TV over the weekend and has no issue.

Haven’t had any issues here.

I get the skips/repeats the OP mentioned on my lower powered 4th gen i3 with Google Chrome. (I have to use Chrome to be able to cast to my TV, but sometimes I don’t bother casting and just use headphones and play the video on the PC, and am simultaneously too lazy to switch to Firefox for that.) I find it happens on occasion when Chrome is pushing the PC. (It’s a serious resource hog.)

I would suggest the OP note if the PC is bogging down for any reason, and that that might be the cause of the issue.

Yeah, but if it was a resources issue, surely it would affect the other videos and live streams I tried. Unless there’s something different about the TWiT live video.

The TWiT live stream might just be a slightly higher quality / bandwidth stream than the others.

There’s definitely talk elsewhere about some versions of the Chrome internals having problems handling some streaming audio / video; only a few hours ago I was listening to Jason DeFillippo on the Grumpy Old Geeks podcast saying he’d had to abandon using a Chrome-based browser for their podcast because of those problems.

I would suggest trying a non-Chrome-based browser to see if it makes any difference. If the problem goes away then it would be the Chrome internals issue.

All I can say it works for me…

Do you get the same problems when watching live direct from

I have found some days that if I am locked to a specific bitrate it will skip, but if I swap to auto it is fine

No, the TWiT site uses Twitch nowadays, and as I said I tested that - no hiccups at all :slight_smile:
As for trying a non-Chrome browser. Well, I had no problems till a couple days ago. But I guess this is as good an excuse as any to try out Firefox again… and be disappointed by it again :slight_smile:

Yeah, just tried Firefox. No trouble with either a year old version or the latest. So it’s Windows Desktop Brave. Or Chrome based desktop browsers. I’ll have to test more, if this continues…

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You can change to YouTube on the drop-down on so you can see if it glitches on there too.