Returning this week?

Isn’t it this weekend’s show that will have Leo back on the radio (on The Tech Guy)? Or is it one more week before he returns?

He’ll be back Saturday for sure.




Great. I am not really a fan of the fill in host. I listened to one of the 4 shows that did not have Leo. I like Leo much better.

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I miss @Leo too but wouldn’t go that far. I’ve enjoyed all the shows just the same (except for one guest whom I’ve already expressed in another thread.)


I felt like even I could have answered some of the questions much better - mainly because many questions on the show I listened to were questions that Leo has answered in the past. Sometimes I felt that while he gave an answer, it was not always a real useful one, IMHO.

I like Rich I think that he will make a great tech guy someday…


Although @Leo is of course always missed when he’s away. I’d like to congratulate @mikahsargent and all the TWiT team. They did an awesome job holding down the fort.


Thanks, Carlos! Happy to hear you enjoyed our coverage.


Also, totally get your food issue… although I do love food… I would totally skip a lot of it.

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I agree - everyone did a great job filling in!


You guys held down the fort extremely well, especially with the fires, threats of power outage, both you and Ant being relatively new, etc. Talk about a learning curve. And the shows you guys hosted remained top notch throughout (at least the ones I watched). Kudos to you, Ant, Jason, and the rest of the team.


I think @Mistershipwreck was mainly talking about The Tech Guy Show at the weekends. I tend to agree that I’m not really a fan of Rich on that show.


That is correct. That is all I was referring to

I didn’t like Rich at first. His answers assumed too much about what the callers were asking and his answers ranged from glib to just plain wrong.

But he also seems to be getting better with each show. He’s growing into his role and I’m happy to see that because, sad as it is, Leo will eventually want to retire and it’ll be nice to have a replacement who’s already familiar to the audience and up to speed on running the show.

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Rich did well. Nobody can step in & conduct the show just like Leo. I find Leo has a lot of patience with the callers, as you have to, since a good number of them are not particularly tech savvy. Leo keeps people on the line during the radio breaks, where Rich answered the question, then moved on. Leo has built, and is cultivating an audience, Rich is filling in the best he can.

Everyone filled in well. That’s a long break, with lots of shows to cover, and threats of power outages.


Well, I am looking forward to his show on Saturday,

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Just landed at SFO after 22 hours of travel. See you Saturday.


Welcome home @Leo & @Lisa!


Agreed Mikah and Jason and the rest of the TWiT crew did a great job, welcome home Leo and Lisa.