TTG 1779 for Sunday 14 March 2021

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Once Chris Marquardt came on, I was surprised how well he sounded, audio wise, this time around. Pity that the video seems to have dropped out (only listened in, did not watch).

On a completely different note and after finishing the podcast: the final exchange with another podcaster (starting from 2:20:20) was really fun to listen to! Leo led into the call with “just one minute left” and then, 19 1/2 minutes of interesting background on audio production (and another interesting podcast), etc. were filled. Very insightful, engaging, and information new to me.

@Leo: I know you guys cannot do a hundred shows. But please consider doing a show on podcasting / broadcasting. You have such a tremendous and immediate scope of knowledge on podcasting (sure, tech is your beat content- and branding-wise, but podcasting is your trade, talent, and first-hand experience for decades) that it would be such a waste to not communicate your insights before you’d ever choose leave the internet radio waves. You could do the whole scope from the tech behind it (studio, streaming, serving), to working with guests, getting a grip on your own nerves (you mentioned this in this segment), managing shows, delineating topic fields, branding shows, personal branding, marketing shows, listener interaction, etc. etc. etc. Come to think of it, you might want to sell that kind of knowledge, of course. If there’d be a Masterclass of Leo on broadcasting, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. But that would be over too quickly - I’d really love to listen to a podcast (maybe cleverly commercialised?) on the subject. Advertisers might be those who equip all those “creators” out there. I know that legacy building always sounds a bit somber, but you’ve got so much material and insight that, if shared, could cement you as the Johnny Carson of podcasters - figuratively speaking. :wink: All of this might feel to self-referential, but it would not be - it’s the subject not covered yet: podcasting/broadcasting.

Just a thought.

Plus - I’d simply love to listen to this. :slight_smile:

Such a fun idea from the listener from Barcelona to call in (same show), just to say thanks and hello! :smiley:

PS: In case this already exists somewhere, maybe there’s a link to be shared?

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I am inspired by what Alex Lindsay is doing with his Office Hours…

I might do something similar in a less formal setting at some point. I’m thinking it might be fun to do my own Office Hours on Discord as a subscription thing.