iPhone 11 and/or iOS 13 Bluetooth Support

I recently had some Anker Soundcore Spirit X headphones replaced under warranty. When I tried to pair them with my new iPhone 11Pro, I couldn’t get them to connect (yes, I tried all the tricks for Bluetooth pairing). I decided to try with an old iPhone 8 running iOS 12 and they paired immediately with no issues. I was even able to pair them to my Apple Watch Series 5.

I wrote to Anker support and was told there is some issue with this model and that new hardware will be out in 4 weeks to resolve the issue.

Has anyone heard of other BT hardware having issues like this with the new iPhones or iOS? Did Apple change something with their BT support, or did Anker cut some corners with this specific device? I’m just curious as I haven’t seen howls of pain on the internet but seems like it could be a pretty big deal.

What version of ios13 are you running? Lots of bluetooth issues were fixed by 13.1.2.

I was hoping 13.1.2 would fix it but no such luck. After I installed that is when I wrote to Anker support and they told me new hardware was required (they’ll ship to me for free so it really must be their issue).

After pairing with your iphone 8 did you try setting them up manually in bluetooth on the 11? I’m assuming you did but just want to check. Since ios13 released I’m seeing a lot of people having to do a manual setup after pairing with another device. If that doesn’t work then it’s definitely an issue on the manufacturer’s end.

They never how up on my 11 under Bluetooth as a device that’s available to connect to but showed up immediately on 8 and Series 5 watch, so there’s something with the 11 that must be more strict about Bluetooth chips/auth.

Do you know anyone else who has an iphone 11 running ios 13.1.2? If so, try pairing them with their phone and see what happens. Or, actually, if you can try it with any other iphone running 13.1.2 then it will help narrow down the problem.

Right now you’ve got so many variables. Is it ios 13.1.2? Or is it the earbuds? Or is it a problem with your iphone 11?

If it’s 13.1.2 causing the problem then hopefully the next update will fix it. If it’s the earbuds then you’ll have to wait for an update from the manufacturer. If it’s your iphone 11 then take it to Apple and you can get it fixed.

That’s a good idea. I don’t know anyone right now with an iPhone11, but I’ll ask around.

Installed iOS 13.1.3 and now the headphones can connect. Looks like it was an iOS issue after all!

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Woot! Thx for posting the solution. I saw the patch notes for 13.1.3 and it looks like they did a lot with bluetooth so I’m glad it fixed the problem.

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