iPhone Airdrop issue

Hi everyone
Im having an issue with air drop

I have iphone 12promax
My wife has iphone 11 pro max

Evey time i want to air drip any photos to her phone
No matter 1 or multiple photos,
I have to reboot her phone to work
Both phones are updated ti the latest ios and it didn’t fix the issue
Both are set to send/receive from everyone

And reboot the iphone fixes the issue for a day or so till next time after awhile we need to send something

What could be the issue
No other drop in network or wifi is detected
Both wifi and bluetooth are ON
We usually are outside when no wifi is close by
Thank you

I know you said you both are running the latest IOS updates. But just confirming, neither of you are running a beta profile or MDM software on the device correct?


Have to say I encounter several similar issues with iPhone lately, but I run the Beta, so I try to suffer in silence (except inputs to Apple).

I would suggest a soft reset (forced restart) on both iPhones as a step you can perform without any adverse affects.

Unfortunately, going beyond that probably leads to a complete reset of the iPhones.
Or a visit to an Apple Store, but don’t expect them to fix it. Probably will not even be able to duplicate problem when visiting them.

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No both official release
I updatet to 15.2.1 as well last night

Yeah a full reset IMO is the best
I have seen similar and different issues ( not my phone)
The only thing is I don’t know how to reset the phone “as new” and only bring back photos and contacts and keychain without a restore backup
I feel restore back up will move over all issues to the new setup again
I remember Leo talking about that in ios today sometime ago

I agree doing the full reset and recovery to a backup may re-introduce the same problem, but it might be worth a try. Before you do it, be sure you have Keychain, Contacts, and Photos enabled in iCloud. This assumes you store contacts in Apple Contacts app.

If you still have the problem after the reset and restore, reset again, set up iPhone as new, and when you configure iCloud, those three functions should download data. Then you get to install all your apps again.

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Taking a full backup of the iPhone that you think have problem, and then performing iOS Restore once is recommended. It sounds mostly like software bugs. 4 or 5 updates once, i normally do it via iTunes. Other times i do it via WiFi connection. That helped addressing these type of bugs and strange issues.

Do take backup before performing any reset. Take care.

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