iPhone X baseband chip failure

Out of no where Sunday my iPhone X started displaying that carrier settings could not update and I lost service. Fast forward to backing up and restoring phone, I could no longer get passed the activation screen. Apple store employee ran diagnostics and determined “Bluetooth failed and cellular baseband failed”. They say the logic board needs replacement. The phone is out of AppleCare. Anyone have this issue or luck having apple replace their phone?

That really sucks. How convenient for them that a phone that is just barely 2 years old is already failing and they’ll make the repair so expensive that you’ll probably consider buying new. Sometimes you feel like they put a magic fuse in things so they die at just the right time and you’re forced to acquire a replacement. I guess if you do go the repair route, you might as well spring for a new battery at the same time and then it would be virtually a brand new phone.

No use in making a fuss to see if they just replace the phone with a refurb?

Chip failure requires a replacement and/or repair, after all, it is a physical hardware fault. This is not necessarily in your control but the baseband is an active part of the radio components so Apple often does not compensate you for this issue.

If it means a new phone, PHolder is correct in that they may have refurbished units for sale. In store they will give you all available options at your convenience.

I would also keep in mind from experience, you may experience issues with the cellular modem from backing up and restoring from that phone because of the carrier and baseband settings. If you get the same issue on replacement and the Apple employee is unaware, you will need a reset of network settings from iOS.

Question: where you in a hospital recently? Helium leaks from an MRI machine will kill the clock component and hence the phone. If this does not resolve itself in a few days through yourself on the mercy of the Genius Bar in hopes they will surprise and delight.