iOS 12.4.4 GPS tracking kaput!

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Here’s the situation. iPhone 6, AT&T carrier. Southern California.
All GPS tracking does not work on Google Maps, WAZE, Apple maps, Strava, etc… Seem to have started with install of 12.4.3 (now on 12.4.4). GPS does not track location and seems to be miles off.

I chatted for 1.5 hours with Apple support via iMessage. The tech ran a diagnostic and no issues found. Apple recommended I reset the phone and start from scratch, which I did. Issue still exist.

! Anyone have a clue on what or how to go about correcting this? My wife has the same phone and iOS and has no GPS issues. Thank you

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When you say you reset the iPhone, did you reset it to factory settings, go through the iOS version download, and install all apps from scratch, or did you do a restore from backup after the reset?