iOS 16.4/Watch 9.4 problems?

I’ve noticed several problems with my iPhone and my Watch since I updated to 16.4 (update to 16.4.1 didn’t improve it). Is anyone else experiencing them?

Biggest annoyance on the iPhone is that Podcasts no longer automatically plays the next podcast. This was working fine until the update, now it just stops when a podcast finished, even if others are lined up to play.

On the Watch, the Now Playing optionno longer pops up when playing podcasts, music or audio books on the phone, I have to manually start the app. No settings changed.

On the Watch, I’ve now had 3 times that it when I get up in the morning, my training minutes are full (700+ minutes) and all the hour movement bars are full (8 on Sunday). This is great for the April medal of doubling my daily training minutes (50)… But it is a pain for trying to keep track of my actual training.

I’ve restarted the Watch and iPhone a couple of times and toggled the automatic play settings off and back on again, but it hasn’t made any difference.

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no issue here on OS 16.4 update on watch or iPhone
but don’t use any of the apps you talked about

The feature to show what’s playing on the podcast on the watch is hit and miss for me after the update. Also, on walks, it is not notifying or vibrating at each mile interval.

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The kilometer vibration I feel most of the time, sometimes I miss it or it doesn’t go off.

The same is true of the “time to stand up” every hour, sometimes I hear/feel it, sometimes I’ll look at my Watch 10 minutes after the hour and think, “hmm, I don’t remember it beeping, I missed an hour!” But that has been the case since new, I don’t know wether it is just I am too busy and don’t notice or whether it misses sometimes…

That is my activity this morning. I got out of bed at 05:30, after allegedly being on my feet for 6 hours already and having worked out for 5 hours and 30 minutes, in my sleep! :rofl: