iOS automation hiccup

Does anyone have any clue as to why some iOS automations consistently work while some very similar ones never do?

For instance, I have an automation that turns a lamp on in my bedroom when I come home after dark. My housemate has the exact same automation but for his lamp. His never has worked.

Scratching my head on this one.

BTW, we have an Apple TV HD that’s managing the automation.

My experience is with WYZE and IFTTT. I set up IFTTT to disable notifications when I was at home. Worked for a few days, then I stopped getting any notifications. I would then go through troubleshooting, until I would finally delete and re-setup the WYZE system completely to get it working again. Same thing would happen.
Finally went to IFTTT website instead of using the app on iPhone. Found my home location was showing San Francisco (live in Australia). On the website, there was a way to set the default location (my home), so I did.
Again, it worked for a few days.
One theory is updates on my iPhone might be resetting the location.

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Every once in awhile Homekit, a shortcut, or even AirPlay 2 just weirds out on me and doesn’t do as I ask. It’s taught me patience if anything (yeah right)…I try to ignore the problem for awhile because the majority of the time it fixes itself. Whether it’s network congestion, something funky with the cloud, the app, who knows…

I’m no help to your case though, sorry!