Tested my Garmin fall detection today - ouch!

Had a pretty big accident on my bike today. Biking alone, in a remote location. All OK, just got back from the hospital, nothing broken, but a few weeks taking it easy until I’m better.

Drove it home though, if you have a smartwatch, bike computer, whatever, enable and configure any fall detection.

My Garmin instantly messaged my wife with my GPS location. If I hadn’t responded this would have been critical info.


First off, glad you are OK.
Second, glad the tech worked as advertised.


Yikes! Good to know the watch works! Take care!


Thanks, both. Up and about as normal this morning, so not as bad as the nurse said it might be the day after.

Now looking at the data, my speed went to 0 mph very quickly :roll_eyes: Turns out I bounce pretty well.


Pretty neat, thanks for sharing. What model Garmin have you got?

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I have the Edge 830 bike computer. Linked to an old Pixel 3a for mobile data.

Also have a Galaxy Watch4 that does activity tracking, has fall detection and stuff but I decided to stick with a dedicated device. I don’t think the Watch4 detected the incident interestingly.


Glad to hear you weren’t too badly hurt, I wish you a speedy recovery.

I now have an Apple Watch, which has a similar function. I could have used that last winter, about a month before I bought the Watch.

I was going from our office to the main building and slipped on the ice covered flagstones on the path. I didn’t have my phone with me, luckily; I would have had it in my back pocket. I fell flat on my back and smacked my head on a flagstone. I wasn’t unconscious, but I couldn’t move for a few minutes.

Nobody saw me fall and it was only after a few minutes, that a neighbour came out the door to go into the village and she saw me laying on the ground.

In that circumstance, a Watch with fall detection, or something similar, would have been very useful.


Yikes, yes very useful. I have recommended to my brother who lives alone that he might want to get a watch for this reason. He was saying if he fell no one would know for days. Glad you weren’t hurt too badly.


Damn James - be careful out there – glad the device worked!!

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Glad you were not badly hurt!! I had a fall alert come up on my Apple Watch and stopped the emergency call just in time!! I fell down the last 2 steps in my home carrying a bunch of crap down the stairs (Stupid, should have done 2 trips :grinning:)

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