Intel bungles its way out of Optane business

Intel has been bumbling and bungling all sorts of things for a decade now. One of the casualties in the XPoint memory technology, which they branded Optane. It surely feels like this tech held more promise than it ever saw… It’s unclear why it was managed so poorly and was so unavailable. It seems like Intel hoped to keep it somewhat for their exclusive use, but that really hindered adoption or even interest.

Such a shame. I still use the Optane 905p I bought in 2017 as my main boot disk. It doesn’t have the throughput of the newer PCI v4 storage but It still does certain random r/w tasks quicker than any consumer SSD available today. Makes for a perfect place for your OS.

I actually had a sales call a year ago with a company that designed some storage appliances relying on Optane memory as a buffer to increase reliability/perf of QLC NAND. I asked them if they thought Intel had plans to drop the last of their Optane business, they seemed pretty convinced Intel was in it for the long haul. I figured they had some inside info as business customers but I guess not.

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The rumours are that Intel might be considering cancelling the 2nd and beyond phases (Battle Mage, Celestial, etc) of their stand alone graphics cards too. The recent post from Intel’s CEO said they had “execution issues” and I think he meant they’re having problems doing a quality job on time… but maybe he meant they’re like Google and they’re executing everything in the crib. :wink: