Intel's Discrete Graphics Play

Hearing from AnandTech ( that Intel has shown off a discrete GPU on the CES floor running Warframe. No spec details from Intel but it seems like a low end card with a focus on small power draw.

I know Intel has wanted to get into the market for some time now but iirc this is the first time they’ve shown a discrete card. Will be interested to hear what TWiCH has to say about it.

They did announce a graphics card years ago but I don’t think it made it to production. Will be interesting to see where it goes but with the market sewn up by AMD and Nvidia it’s either going to have to be really fast or really cheap to get any attention.

I suppose intel need to diversify a bit since the x86 market isn’t really growing.

They really do. I’m astounded they haven’t developed an ARM product line yet. GPUs won’t save them, the market was inflated by cryptominers for a while but that growth won’t last. Still, I applaud any company that wants to bring some competition to the incumbent Nvidia and AMD.

I believe what @LycheeMcPie is referring to is the Larrabee which was quite interesting.
Heres a link to the Wiki about it.

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Yes, high end graphics cards are just becoming too expensive so the market could do with a bit of a shake up.

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Ah larrabee, I couldn’t have told you that is what it was called, but let’s hope this one doesn’t go the the same way.

Right now, Intel sucks at software and specifically at secure software. (Or indeed providing any hardware security too.) I look forward to all the graphics vulnerabilities they will introduce to layer onto the ones provided by their CPUs. /snark


Didn’t Intel poach AMD’s graphics chief a couple of years ago? This has been a long time brewing.