Apparently the SuperMicro Story is Back

This thing is long I copied it into word and it came out to about 20 pages. What do you think about it?

Did it come back with any provable facts, or is it just another piece that could be fiction?


Haven’t read it yet. I heard about it on the 9to5Mac Daily podcast. I’d assume not though because after I heard about it I checked The Verge and TechCrunch and neither of them reported anything about it.

Just read it: mostly unnamed sources, it also refers to a similar breach of Lenovo in 2008 that caused the US military to ban of use of Lenovo hardware. I’m still skeptical. @PHolder have you read it yet what do you think?

@Leo @PadreSJ what do you think?

Just read through it. Zero technical details, still no actual evidence, only hearsay and circumstance backed up by corporate denials. Majority of the article is just a summary of the 2018 story.

I think Bloomberg just re-hashed this because of the Solarwinds incident. Good SEO practice. I’ll be less skeptical if we see a code review or a circuit diagram.

Regardless of the efficacy of Bloomberg’s reporting on the subject, I do think it makes perfect sense to have tight control over hardware and software manufacturing for circumstances that warrant(:heavy_dollar_sign:) it. Most circumstances don’t warrant it though.

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