Someone just shoot Intel aleady

They were all proud to be building a supercomputer “made in the USA”… and then all of a sudden (no not really but well, the announcement just occurred):


Really a shame to see.

Hoping we get a good case study or maybe insider memoirs published someday about this era at Intel. Were they simply caught resting on their laurels after years of dominant performance and fat enterprise profits during the “Core i3/5/7” gen? Or did their R&D folks make a major design gambit that didn’t pan out? Or perhaps malfeasance on the business side? Plenty of speculation on all three.

I’ve always been an AMD fanboy but I sincerely hope they can get it together.

I suspect, without a proper basis, that it was “MBA’s” running the show at the wrong time. (If there is ever a right time in innovation for bean counters.)

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