TWiCH 536: Blue Light Special: Intel CPUs Now Half Off!

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I don’t see me building a HEDT based on Intel chips anytime soon. I am curious if there will be a new motherboard chipset to go along with these new chips, or not? One with, oh, PCI4 (although I heard Intel was skipping four to go direct to five) and USB4 and Thunderbolt 3.

I get why Patrick has a hard time with Palmer Luckey’s name… but Luckey Palmer sounds like a magician’s act (or even worse like something you might pay a for at a disreputable massage parlour :smiley: )

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The way he kept saying that and not getting corrected, I started to think I had it wrong. :joy:

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Lmao it’s even Lucky Palmer in the show notes.

I had the same experience with 7.1 mode on my Hyper X Cloud 2s. Definitely adds a spatial element, but I’m not sure it’s worth the reduction in sound quality.

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Palmer Luckey’s or Luckey’s Palmer, either way the guy is lucky ok very skilled too.

But why Patrick, must you do road shows?