Idiot tries to sue Twitch for $25 million because he broke his "joystick"

I am not posting this in the games section because though the news reports it as gaming related. This muppet has zero interest in playing gaming.

Twitch should send him an email telling him, they understand his pain, so he and his IP address are now permanently banned.
That should cheer him right up.



You shouldn’t put that in the TWiT forums, TWiT streams on there. If they IP-ban him then he won’t be able to listen/watch to TWiT.

Just kidding. The guy’s an idiot.


Wish I could hear Iain Thomson of The Register express his opinion of this story. I have a feeling it would be entertaining.

Glad to see Dogpile is still going. It’s years since I last ran a search through that, but it’s nice to know they’re still an alternative to the big names.

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Umm… I think this guy has too much time on his hands. Yeah, too much time works multiple ways, I’d say.


Looks like the actual article is on the Daily Mail.

Not sure how Twitch would ban him. I was trying to figure out how they even have connectivity and its all cache servers all over the world using low end internet connections, no peering with CDNs.