Ideas for possible future shows for the TWiT network

I thought I’d create this topic for people to share ideas for future show to the TWiT network, or if someone wants to do it on their own. My idea would be a show on Alt-Tech. And Alt-Social networks. Instead of always talking about Big Tech companies focus on the little guy’s, remember they all start off small and odd names. Remember 1999 “Google? That’s a funny name haha they’ll never make it”

A Linux show is a necessity on TWIT given this network’s audience imho; would love to see different distros installed, appraised, compared, troubleshooted; difference configurations, interesting apps and utilities, etc looked at. Leo would be the perfect host given his enthusiasm for Linux. Could have interviews/contributions by the people behind the distros and experts in the community. I remember Randal Schwartz was fine with the notion of a TWIT Linux show when Leo was on FLOSS Weekly recently. A Linux specific show could focus on end-user / consumer Linux so as not to overlap with FLOSS. System76 to advertise on it perhaps?


Honestly, I think there used to be one, but a gaming show. Maybe a weekly 30-minute show just to go over top news across all platforms and systems.


Unforunately “This Week In Linux” appears to already be taken as a podcast ( This Week in Linux - TuxDigital )

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We can’t let that stop us, it has to be “Linux Weekly” then!


I think there used to be a network, G4? That took over TechTV that was all gaming, not sure what happen.

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This Week in Kernal? :man_shrugging:


LOL… Kernal spelled that way takes me back. That was the spelling of the Kernel on the Commodore Vic-20 and C-64. :wink: I think the Linux aficionados would prefer it be spelled Kernel.


I remember G4. Personally I don’t think the content was ever that good.

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Heh. Adam Sessler had his moments… but I think gaming is a hard thing to appeal to everyone. Some people are going to love JRPG’s and probably not going to give a damn about the latest in Fortnite mods. Some people are hardcore into Sony PS consoles, or Microsoft XBox consoles and then there is the “PC Master Race” people. It think it would be really challenging to do shows that appeal widely… but it would great if that was possible.

I see what your saying but there are quite a few that cover the whole industry and are very successful.

I’m not sure if this is an idea you could make into a show, and maybe it’s too techy in general… maybe it could be good for an Ask The TechGuy episode or two…

Do people still build their own PCs? It’s the sort of thing I feel you need someone trusted to help you learn how to pick the right parts your first time. I guess there might well be a million YouTube videos that cover it, but it might be nice for the newbies to have someone they trust show them the ropes. (Rather than someone with a product to promote.)

Linux! This week in Linux. Open source news, distro news and interviews!


I agree - I’ve always wanted to do Linux Today - but I’m tapped out at the moment. I LOVE Linux. In fact, I’m increasingly of the opinion that it’s the only operating system worth using.


Agree, POP os is good, thanks to your commendations, but Kali has all the cool tools :nerd_face: :v:

I’d love a photography show. Not just a show that goes into gear, but one that focuses on composition, editing, etc.


Yeah me too @Joe! If only we had someone who could do such a show.


If only… tongue firmly in cheek! :smiley:

This Week in Broadband (my initial thought was This Week in Telecom :slight_smile:)

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Stacey Higginbotham / Karl Bode, and a rotating networking professional.

Stacey covered telecom policy and tech when she was at Gigaom. Karl covered telecom policy and news at dslreports, and currently freelances for Motherboard, The Verge, and TechDirt. Stacey and Karl would rotate based on availability.

The networking professional would be a weekly guest who works in the networking industry, and would deep dive on the subject of the week. Eg. a Greg Ferro or Ethan Banks type (PacketPushers), or someone from the many other networking podcasts out there.

The format would be:

  • Broadband news / policy (1st half) - Stacey / Karl
  • Deep dive into a specific networking topic (2nd half) - Your networking professional

The deep dive would be focused on internet related topics or home networking.


  • WiFi standards discussion: explain MCSIndex and how it relates to throughput, 802.11ax, ay, 802.11rkv and roaming, AP placement, etc

  • New Radio (5G): mmWave, NR spectral efficiencies, C-RAN changes.

  • IPv6 (you could do a whole bunch of shows on this. Eg. What are router advertisements, DHCPv6-PD, ISP adoption, how to configure a home router for IPv6, IPv6 only technologies, etc)

  • General internet topics such as HTTP/3, peering, BGP, etc.

  • Access technology deep dive (FTTH - EPON/GPON/Active ethernet, DOCSIS, *DSL, wireless)


Enterprise Tech, I know you used to have one, but it wasn’t really very good.
Do you talk to the non-enterprise folks about what the enterprise does, or do you talk to the smaller audience that are folks working in the enterprises. The former will lose the latter, and the latter will lose the former. It’s a challenge, maybe there isn’t a way to do it.
I work in a big biz, and would like to know what other big companies pick to fill a need, but not from the sales weasels. Maybe the show could pick one product family an episode and talk about the established players and the up and comers, strengths and weaknesses.

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