Hands on Linux?

Did I dream that there was going to be a HO Linux edition or is there going to be one? I’m really looking forward to it.

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I believe I am not making up anything to say that @Leo is also looking forward to hosting it. But I think they are launching new shows one every couple of weeks or so, probably to make sure that the processes and feeds get settled before starting the next new thing. I think @ant_pruitt is also working on a “top secret” new show as well.


I like the idea of a Linux show, but the problem for a new user is the desktop environment. Windows and Apple have only 1 desktop interface, but Linux has dozens that do things slightly different. A show for new Linux users would have to address this and probably have to show the differences so users would not be excluded for using the ‘wrong’ desktop.


The top secret show by Ant is listed on TWiT’s advertising site (Artisanal). It’s Hands on Wellness, and I’m looking forward to that one too!


For Linux show

  • some command line tricks
  • apps
  • firewall and security
  • test a different distros
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