I miss something live Saturday afternoon!

Hi there! Long-time Leo/TWiT fan - and Lord knows he’s on enough hours a week I sure don’t expect him to host ANOTHER show, post radio show on Saturdays, but would love something live and fresh in that time just about EVERYONE has to drop in! It’d have to be as broad as TNSS was, not just a move of a current show, but… I dunno, just curious if others would like to see a new live show on Saturday afternoons!

I’m fine with the Giz Fiz on Saturdays.

Deep apologies for not remembering that Mad’s Maddest Writer works the Saturday shift;-) But I’m sure you know what I mean :wink:

I was gonna say, with the Tech Guy and Dicky D, I think saturdays are pretty full from 11a-4p (pacific time)

ps…I hope the new HOT is more than product reviews from a developers POV, and “Oh look, its new and shiny, right out of the box.”