TWIT 801 "I cant believe its been 3 hours"

Ahoy, hoy.

Well, Im not waiting for the official posting. Todays TWIT was a great show. I think that having 2 currently active broadcast journalists really helps the flow, as they have a sense oif timing, and they ask questions too. Leo didnt have to lead the conversation all the time…IMHO, of course, I dont mean to say anything less of the other ppl on TWIT…just if flowed really well.

BTW… Leo…thanks for the shout out…LOL. I didnt mean to say that you were condescending all the time…i just thought you were a bit over thr top about the M1 chip. Im just getting used to your robust enthusiasm! (another LOL) And sometimes it seems you are trying to be “controversial” at the top of “The Tech Guy”. If you really need more callers, I’ll call in.

I think (honestly) that you especially gracious to your guests, and SO patient with your callers. And it is exceptional that you thank your advertisers. I mean, obviously partly to encourage them to stay on board, but also its just a nice gesture.

Needles to say, I do listen (watch the live broadcasts) all the time.

beth marshall
paso robles (the other CA wine country)


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