East Coast Time Zone Shows?

At one point @Leo kept on talking about opening up an East Coast (US) Studio or doing something like an East Coast (US) timed news show or other shows based on East Coast (US) time?
Feels like with the Ant and Mikah moving out to TWIT studios this won’t happen?

Any thoughts on this?

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Leo move to the west coast so he didn’t have to wake up so early. but really dont think its needed seeing most of us get the show well after they went live.

Yeah I guess it doendoesn’t matter as much compared to when the Tech News show was daily instead of weekly.
I just wondered if there was any further thoughts or discussion on this.

I wanted to do a morning show - which would require an east coast studio to serve the eastern time zone. But I gave up that dream a long time ago. Probably for the best!


Thanks for the response.

A morning show would be cool. Maybe one day :smiley::smiley::smiley:

“TWiT on Twitter” - covering all the morning tweets* on technology, from tech reporters

*Heavily curated to avoid the Twitter political cesspool :stuck_out_tongue: