HOP 3: Exposure Triangle Part 2

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Thanks for expanding the tutorial on the Exposure Triangle. I enjoyed the additional information. I appreciate the effort. Oh, BTW, you are looking more comfortable on TWIG as well. Well done, Mr Pruitt.


Loved it! I usually delete podcasts after I’ve watched them but not Ep. 2 and 3. I’m keeping them for references until I no longer need them. They were short and to the point…just what I was hoping for!


Wow, great episode!

I’ve had it backwards on ISO and shutter speed all this time, thinking that ISO is for faster “processing” of the image for motion vs. stillness (with the added effect of more brightness), when really it’s the shutter speed I’ve wanted to adjust.

Being an IT professional, it’s a little embarrassing to mess this up but maybe that reinforces why this series exists; most of what I learned was gleaned from very technical photography blogs/websites/articles or from people who are waaaaay deeper into photography than I am, so getting to learn the fundamentals correctly feels refreshing. (Being in “tech” always seems to have the implied mantle that you need to be an expert in everything that uses semi-conductors or electricity, when we all know that this is not true and shouldn’t be true.)

Beautiful user photo from Mr. Matt Lee, as well!


Hey thank you, @Slickster. I am glad you enjoyed it and hopefully it helped ya. Also, thanks for the support on TWiG. I struggle with being a “fan” while I’m on set. I’ll catch myself just watching as I normally would, then have a “oh crap” moment when I realize i’m ON the show. :laughing:


Glad you enjoyed it, @RoyalKnight. Lots of trial and error. And the trial and error continues for me today. But, it’s just more learning experiences. There are modes on the camera that simplify things a bit, but you still have to understand that triangle for any of it to make sense (IMO).
Thanks for watching and sharing with others :fist_right:t4:


@ant_pruitt May I suggest explaining that ISO is a carryover from film cameras and how digital cameras mimic the types of film that are (were?) available. Lower ISO film required more light for an exposure and higher required less light AND the trade off was clarity or noise.

And…a one-stop adjustment in one of three triangle elements requires an equal, but opposite stop adjustment of one of the other two elements.

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