HOP 51: Your Photography Questions and Answers

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Hi, ant
I have the Pixel 4x; phone. Yes, for night photography mode the pixel does from 2-4 minutes long. This depends on the amount of city lights. I have tried it a few times but the photos have not loked very good. I think I have to work more on this. Although I am switching bacj to an uPhone 12 pro Max.

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It’s not a real long exposure. More computational than anything. What doesn’t look good to you?

Well, they do vsay to put the phone on a trypod to prevent camera shake and there is a count down timer. Also some times on regular night shots the screen of m y phone look terrible. But the picture turns out great. Even Google says to not trust the phone screen/ view finder as to what the picture will look like. This is all computational photography. Also if it was not holding the shutter open why would it not just take a quick shot and then do all the computational stuff in the background?

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I’d these were two minutes with a shutter open, I don’t see how it could come out as well as it does without some post processing by the shooter. If I do a 5second exposure manually with my phone, it’s definitely more characteristic to a DSLR long exposure for 5 seconds