HOP 9: It's Too Bright

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Ant, I have a quick question about the river scene, maybe as a follow up to Victor’s question. If I had my Sony RX10 and took this instead of a phone, instead of changing the aperture setting (which would change the depth of field maybe in ways you might not want), could you use the exposure compensation dial (maybe -1) or is that not the right way to manipulate it?

Thanks for these great shows! This beginning photographer is learning a whole lot!


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That’s what I would have tried or speed up the shutter speed one or two clicks. The highlights are going to be bright anyway, but you may be able to tame them a little better in post processing. Thanks for watching. Glad I can help :fist_right:t5:


@ant_pruitt Shamefully behind my HOP watching.

I’m a huge fan of long exposure photography so I’ve been researching ND filters.Would you share the brand details of the variable filter you showed? Would you recommend it?

Thank you!
Love the pod!

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Thanks for watching and catching up. There are tons out there. I’ll discuss.