HOM 2: Protect your Mac with Lulu

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@Leo “It’s a long fly ball to left field. It’s out of the park. It’s a grand slam home run”. Real surprise for the 2nd episode.

Exactly what I wanted from HOM. Long time user of Little Snitch to test outgoing traffic for new apps. Keep it up Leo.

Sure wish there was a way to contribute to a Patreon provider without signing up. Or use Sign in with Apple. Cannot sign in with Google, because it gives out private gmail address used by my domain.


Hands On Mac is EXACTLY why TWiT is so much better than any flashy tech YouTuber. Just from the first two episodes, I am sold. HOM has already demonstrated to give tips that are in-depth, not the surface recommendations from the group of Apple Fan Boys trying to make $ on YouTube. Thank you, @Leo, for making a helpful show that is worth every second of filming.


Agree with you 100% about the quality of TWiT’s output and HoM. Let’s not be too hard on the YouTubers, though: Leo said something to the effect that for the first ten years of doing radio he was “terrible” (I’m sure he exaggerates), but he needed that ten years of not being good to learn how to do it properly. That, and all the experience that followed, is why TWiT is so good now, and works as well in audio as it does in video.

Those YouTubers are learning as they go, and what they are now doesn’t tell us anything about what they might be in ten years’ time. What they have definitely got right is that their audience like to hear from them, same as we do with the TWiT team, and in these difficult times the ability to make that sort of connection is valuable. All the hype that gets added is as much YouTube pushing their platform as anything else, and is sadly pretty much inevitable given the way the market works.

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I’m blushing! Wait until we start getting into the Terminal. It’s gonna get real interesting.


Leo, would love to see a similar show for Linux.