HOM 49: CleanMyMac X Is Good, Actually

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I’ve watched Twit since the beginning and really enjoyed Leo’s Mac show a while back and was glad to see Micah continuing it. I liked this episode but I would have preferred seeing more of the UI screen rather than Micah’s face – no disrespect intended. I have nothing but respect for Micah but when demonstrating a program, the program output should be front and center while talking about it. Several times Micah referred to something on the screen but it went away too quickly. Micah should have been in a small circle similar to what he and Leo did for the Apple event. Just my two cents.

I was disappointed with this episode. What’s wrong with promoting an open source app that does the same thing? Leo often said on the radio show that he is a huge fan of open source and prefers them to others. A quick search has found Onyx - how about a video on this? Titanium Software | Operating System Utilities for Mac - OnyX

Thank you for the feedback, lexer! I agree with you that it should have showed more of the UI on screen. I will talk to the editor to encourage more use of the UI on screen.

Hello, tardis3! Thank you for the feedback.There’s definitely nothing wrong with promoting open-source apps. As I mention in the video, I was using CleanMyMac X (which is so often lambasted as being “lazy” or “unnecessary” by elitists) as a way to show how this app category can be very helpful, regardless of one’s tech know-how.

That said, I will strive to include some mentions of open-source offerings when I’m focusing on specific macOS apps and utilities in the future. It’s a good suggestion!

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Thank you. I ended up getting the software and I agree that it’s pretty great. Have a great holiday.

Sounds like they cleaned up their act.