HOM 1: BetterTouchTool - Making the Touchbar Useful

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@leo. Now might be a good time to do a HOM show on remote login on the Mac. Could be helpful for providing tech support to friends and family at home.


I’m excited for HOM. I have a macbook that gets updated but otherwise collects dust

First episode was a bit of a let down

That is it was narrowly about a paid third party customization app for a subset of Mac computers.

I hope you have more broadly useful and ground-up episodes coming

Thank for all the TWiT shows and the new HOM

I feel like that’s not entirely fair. I mean, I get that it’s not relevant for you, but the touch bar has been on Macbooks for three years now, so there must be a lot of people with it. I’ve heard repeated complaints (not just on TWiT) from people who are frustrated with how it works out of the box, so showing how to customise it to work better is going to help a lot of users.

Leo’s a long-time Macbook enthusiast: I’m sure this show is going to range over a lot of tips and techniques that will apply to all models.

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How about desktop macs?

Here are upcoming episodes (as planned and subject to change):

And I absolutely welcome your requests and input!!

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That was my mistake: I wrote it wrong. What I should have said was that Leo’s a long-time Mac enthusiast as I’m sure these upcoming episodes will demonstrate.

I’ve been a Mac user ever since I graduated from the Commodore 128 in 1991 (and seminary in 1990) and learned from Leo’s tech shows since 1998 or so. I’m looking forward to this addition to TWiT.

As for this episode, I think BTT & Golden Chaos are going to be great, but right now they are turning my 15-inch 2016 MBP into a gummy sticky mess, generating a spinning beachball over that item in the menubar. I assume I have to do some pruning in the configuration.

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BetterTouchTool does so much more than help with the Touch Bar. I wish Leo had spent some more time on all of the other features any Mac user can take advantage of.

Mac Power Users, on the Relay FM network, just did an episode on Better Touch Tool this week. I recommend it.