Windows 10 Podcatcher - An Alternative to Juice?

I subscribe to a handful of TWiT show video feeds. I usually watch these podcasts on my home or office PC. I usually save the files to Dropbox so I can watch them in either location. I don’t need a fancy player, I am fine just using VLC to play the files.

What I’ve been trying to find, is a good way to download these files as the new shows are released. I am still using the old Juice podcast aggregator, but it’s not working as well as it used to on Windows 10. I like it because it did one thing well, check RSS feeds and download new files.

Can anyone point me to a modern replacement for Juice (or iPodder)?

Would something like gPodder do? I’ve not tried it myself, but seems to be a simple downloader, open source, and still being updated.

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Thanks. I didn’t know gPodder was still being developed. In the past it was a pain to use because you had to also install a Python SDK as well I believe.

I just installed version 3 and it looks much better. Thanks for the suggestion.

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